"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Monday, December 28, 2009

Slow and heavy

Yesterday's post was cut short as I was called to play Junior Monopoly with Sammie and Rox (Rox won) so didn't really get to finish off where I think I am at running wise at the moment.

My knee feels good, no pain when I run or afterwards although I am keeping up the ice after each run.  It's fantastic to be running pain and discomfort free.  I still have the hard bump/lump on my knee which I'll keep trying to reduce with the roller and a tennis ball.

I've managed to stack on a little bit of weight with my reduced program in recent weeks (about 5kgs) and that isn't really helping with my running efficiency.  It seems I need the regular runs over 20kms to keep my weight down where it needs to be.

Had a tumble on the bike yesterday.  One of the only roads I have to cross is Garrett Road which is not usually very busy at that time of the morning but yesterday I managed to time it just that I was halfway across the road on the median strip when two cars came around the roundabout.  Only my second ride back so a bit out of practice and I had slowed so much that I found it hard to unclip without throwing myself onto the road - which is where i ended up anyway as I failed to unclip before I slowly hit the deck.  Took a bit of skin off my left knee but the only real injury was to my pride.  I'm sure it afforded the passing motorists a bit of a laugh.

8.4km this morning in just under 38mins so nice and easy ... for the most part.  As I got just past the Wesley boat shed on the way back I ran past a guy who was out with his dog.  Although he was jogging along he was wearing jeans but he still took me going past him as an invitation to speed up in an attempt to run along next to me - in his jeans with his dog.  If it's not bad enough that I have become the jolly jogger, this was a step too far,  So I sped up, so he sped up, so I sped up etc.  By the time I dropped him I was getting along at about 10km race pace.  Rox thinks its hilarious and is sure it is going to end up on some hidden camera tv show.  I just think he was a w#nker ...

Intervals tomorrow.  Legs were a bit heavy after yesterday's run so hopefully they will be good tomorrow.

Rox's achilles seems to coming along, although its hard to tell as she has been pretty much immobile for 3-4 weeks now.  Not sure how she will be by the time we are due to go to Rottnest.  She has an appointment with a physio later this week to get her boot adjusted so we will know more after that.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just under 52km this week.  Didn't run on Christmas Day but got my 12.8km runs in on Thursday and Saturday and my intervals on Tuesday.  Thursday's 12.8km was the best run I have had for quite a while.  57mins at a moderate effort.  I've been right on 60mins the other three times I have done this run since I started building up again, running it at my long run pace/effort so the 57 mins was encouraging.

Did a 2hr 12min bike ride today and did quite a bit more distance.  Rode out along the river to Tonkin Highway and then instead of turning back through Bayswater, I turned right and headed out through Ashfield to Bassendean (near Bassendean Oval), before going back along Guildford Road to Garrett Road, then got back onto the river route for the trip back to the city.  I carried on along the freeway but didn't turn back at Canning Bridge.  Instead I continued on to the Mount Henry Bridge and did the lap around the Applecross side befor going back to the city along the freeway and then followed the bike path along the river and home.  A good solid effort.  Got out before it warmed up too much.

This week will be similar to last week but I may do a short run on Thursday morning and then the Marathon Club New Year's Ever run in the evening.  Depending how I feel, Saturday's run will be somewhere between 14-18km.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Steady return continues

55.4km this week - slightly artificially boosted by the fact that I ran on Saturday (yesterday) and rode today rather than the other way around as I planned (cycling shoes were in getting stretched and it was too late to ride after the shops had opened).

Increased the distance of a couple of my runs this week and did two runs of 12.8km (Thursday and Saturday).  Still not feeling super comfortable running yet and haven't got into my normal groove where I basically dial into my pace pretty much automatically after I have been running for about 5 mins.  Took it easy on my recovery runs.

Went for a longish ride this morning - around 50kms I'd estimate in just under 2 hours.  Added a loop out to Tonkin Hwy as well as an out and back to Canning Bridge.  Actually ran into Simon out near Garrett Road Bridge so rode next time him for a bit having a chat as he was out on his long run (35km).  He seems to have been able to get his mileage back up again well since the Melbourne Marathon although he says his groin is still troubling him a bit - laterally mainly so not interfering with his running much.  The chat with Simon was a bit a of rest period so I pushed on for the rest of the ride, including cranking a pretty high gear on the way back from Canning Bridge.

I'll try to do around 50km this week.  It would be good to do a little more but it depends if I can get out at all on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  Don't think I'll go further than 12.8km again for a another week yet but will aim to get my long run up a bit the following week.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated ...

Yes, I am still alive and running.  I have been taking it pretty easy for the past few weeks, making sure my knee is right and also getting my motivation back.  The fact that I couldn't throw off my knee problem while I could feel my fitness drifting away was very frustrating and a bit demoralising.

I had a few more sessions with the physio and have been working pretty diligently on breaking down the scar tissue and strengthening my hips and glutes.

As an update of my running over the past few weeks since the 6km in my last post, I have run:
30km; 16km; 41km;  and 23km so far this week.  Planning a 12.8km run tomorrow and 8.4km on Friday to give me approx 44km this week.  Slowly building up over the next few weeks.

The 16km week is the aberration there which came about because of a very unfortunate injury to Rox which resulted in me missing a couple of runs.  Rox snapped/ruptured her achilles tendon playing netball and had to go in for surgery a couple of weeks ago.  Since then she has been in plaster (which comes off tomorrow) and will have to wear one of those big ortho/moon boots for the next 6 weeks or so.

This week's runs consist of 8km WAMC City Beach run on Sunday, approx 9km including 4 x 3min intervals on Tuesday and 8.4km recovery run today.

I'm glad I did the WAMC run on Sunday even though it was hot, a bit windy and a boring course.  The reason I'm glad is that I got to catch up with Sugar, Kim, Sas and Epi as well as get a gauge of where my fitness is at.  I had decided beforehand that I was only going to do a tempoish effort and didn't even wear my racing flats, just to make sure I wasn't tempted.  I tried to run a steady controlled effort and succeeded for the most part, other than the 6th km which was the 2nd km back into the wind for the 2nd time (it was a two lap course).  I think I ran 4.37 for this km and got passed by a few other runners.

Finished in 33.46 by my watch which is around 4.12/km.  So slower than the pace I was aiming at running the whole Rottnest marathon and slower than I ran for the first 8km of that marathon.  It's no wonder really though as I looked back through my running log today and confirmed that I haven't run further than 10.5km (and I have only done 1 x 10km and 1 x 10.5km) since the 2nd of October (other than the Rottnest Marathon).

This knee injury and the impact on my fitness has really thrown my summer training plan out.  The plan was to work on my speed over summer on top of the big aerobic base I had.  I seem to have lost my base now though so the new plan is to slowly work my mileage back up to around 70-80km a week by the end of January and then try and get some speed back before I get into my marathon specific training for the Gold Coast Marathon in July.

I have been doing a bit of riding as well.  Heading out for about 90 mins on Saturday mornings.  The first few times I was on my mountain bike which weighs a tonne and has big knobbly tires.  But I have gotten sick of being passed by everyone, so took my road bike down to the shop for a service and rode that last Saturday.  I covered an extra 10km over the 90 mins and remembered how much I used to enjoy riding that bike.  I really want to continue riding a bit each week so will have to find a way of combining it in my schedule.

I'll also try to blog a bit more regularly ...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The road back

Went to the physio last night and came away feeling very positive.  The problem I am currently experiencing is being caused by scar tissue (probably from the needling done to promote healing of my ITB issue).  The lump of scar tissue is quite noticeable and that is what is causing the straining, pulling feeling above my knee.

As well as some quite painful, deep massage of the tendon in an effort to break down the scar tissue, Anna provided me with some glute and hip strengthening exercises that I need to do.  I am allowed to run and cycle but stay off hills.  Ice after exercise and also stretching and self massage including with the foam roller into the sore spot.  I think I'll get the cricket ball in there too.  Back to the physio again next Tuesday.

As a result, I was able to go for my first run for 2 weeks this morning.  Just ran down to Mends Street and back so approx 6km.  Felt slow and heavy but I'll take that over not running any day. 

Ran into Sugar, Kim and Sas at Mends Street.  Looked like Sugar and Sas were doing some barefoot strides after a run.  Had a quick chat before heading off again as didn't want to stiffen up.  Got rained on while running home but couldn't care less as at least I was out running again.

I think I'll give tomorrow a miss and go for a decent bike ride on Saturday morning.  In the meantime, I'll be getting stuck into that scar tissue.  It was only 6km but I feel like a runner again already!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Completely crocked - rest time

Tuesday - headed out to do the 2km repeats that I had planned.  Did my 2km warm up but when I started the first 2km repeat, the tendons in my knee felt like they were going to rip off so pulled the pin on it and ran easy up to the Narrows instead.  Saw Sugar, Kim and Sas down near Mends Street so stopped for a bit of a chat.  Time is not an issue when your running is going like mine is at the moment.  Good to have an encouraging chat but also slightly depressing when you think about all the good running you are missing out on. 

My knee and associated tendons etc felt a lot better on the way back so I pushed a bit for one 2km stretch which I did in about 7.50 (3.55/km pace) into the wind and without straining at all.  Easy 2km run home.

Wednesday - Can't remember what my plan was when I set out but knee felt good so decided to do what I had missed on the day before.  Did a 3km warm up then 3 x 2km with 2 min walk recover between.  Ran at around 3.37-3.40/km pace throughout.  Knee felt good - some tightness in the tendon though.

Knee got a bit sore post run and felt some soreness in the bursar.  Felt inflammed and sore to touch.  Continued with ice and back on the anti inflamms.

Thursday - Saturday - Rested as I wanted to give my knee chance to settle down before I played cricket on Sunday.  My thinking was that as my knee is ok for shortish runs and intervals so should be OK for cricket.  Tested it out with some practice run throughs etc of my bowling run up and action with Ben on Saturday and felt fine.

Sunday PM - Cricket for Perth CC Masters Vs University @ James Oval UWA.  This ground is one of my favourite places to play cricket even though the wicket is always a batsman's paradise.  Fantastic weather as well.

We won the toss and decided to bowl first.  Uni have a pretty good side and won their first game easily when they bowled Claremont-Nedlands out for 16!!  - which is the lowest score in adult cricket at a decent level that I am aware of locally. 

I opened the bowling (2nd over) and straight away knew that it was going to be hard going.  The same tendons in my knee that had cut short my interval session were straining from the start.  Added to that was that my big toe was slamming into the end of my boot in my delivery stride no matter how I tried to adjust it.

Didn't bowl too badly but didn't get away with anything either and had no luck (the bowler's lament).  Should have had an LBW in my first over and still can't work out why it wasn't given but didn't push the appeal given that it was first over and still feeling my way back.  Wish I had now ...

Went for 54 off of my 7 seven overs (2 spells 4 overs at start and 3 overs at the end as Uni made 220 odd from their 40 overs.  Picked up 2 wickets in my last over and had quite a few runs go off the outside edge but plenty came out of the middle as well.  In short, a pretty average display and certainly felt my age as well as my injuries.  I was finding it a bit of an effort to get to the crease but we were pretty light on for bowling and I figured that the damage was already done.  Also took a catch but my toe and knee/leg were very sore by the end.  Had a sock full of blood from my toe and will probably lose my big toenail.

We were in trouble from the start when we lost one of our openers in the second over and struggled to get around 140.  I batted at number 10 and was last man out for a well compiled 2.  Caught at deep mid on trying to hit over the top - (it was supposed to go straight).  To top off a great day, I managed to on drive the first ball I received into my sore toe!!

Knee very swollen and had a red swollen line about 2cm wide and 8-10cm long along the tendon on my leg above the knee.  The bursar wasn't bad at all, it was all in the tendon.  I guess I needed to push it too far to face up to reality.

I have decided that I won't run again this month to try and let my body heal.  I'll keep going with the foam roller and do lots of hip flexibility and strengthening exercises.  I have two other options to try as well.

I have ordered a "miracle cure" treatment over the internet. It's a bit controversial and seems to work brilliantly for some people and not at all for others so I'll say no more until it arrives and I have given it a try.  It is recommended by Alberto Salazar though so that is good enough for me.

Other option is to see Dr John Whiteside - basically local anaesthic needling (myofacial).  He fixed a chronic shoulder injury for me back in the 90's and treated my brother successfully a few times along with many elite athletes and sports people over the years.  I'm not as much of a coward about needles anymore which is a good thing because I almost fainted last time I saw him.

So it could be that I don't run again this year.  I'll be doing my best not to get fat which will be hard as I have distance runner's appetite (even though I hardly drink alcohol anymore and am pretty good at keeping off the junk food).

I am thinking its going to be a long hot January as I try to get my fitness back.

In the meantime, I won't be blogging much unless there is anything positive to report.

Monday, November 2, 2009

32km on Saturday

Yes, I did 32km on Saturday morning ... however it was on my bike. I wanted to do something relatively hard and long but it would have been unwise to run long so went for the bike instead. I used my 1 tonne mountain bike with knobbly tyres so it was a decent workout, much more than I would have got if I had gone on my road bike (which needs a bit of work in any case). It was quite windy and I pushed reasonably hard so felt like I got something out of it.

On Friday morning, I ran 8.4km easy by myself. Knee felt OK without being brilliant hence my extra caution on Saturday. In my head I had pencilled in 12.8km easy for Saturday but I just didn't feel confident.

I took Sunday off and on Sunday evening watched the New York City Marathon. It started an hour later than I expected because daylight saving kicked in on the States on Saturday night so it made for a late finish (1am). Worth staying up for though as both the Men's and Women's races were good contests into the final miles. Really pleased to see Meb Keflezighi win the men's race topping off a great comeback from some really serious injuries and great to see Robert Cheruiyot after a couple of pretty average ones this year (thought it was very average that he wasn't introduced at the start in the elite introductions. 4 times winner at Boston, once at Chicago should be enough for an intro in my book).

Planned an easy run for this morning (Monday) but slept in and gave it a miss. Planning to do some 2km repeats tomorrow (Tuesday)morning so the extra days rest on my knee was probably a good thing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Running semi-regularly but without confidence in my knee

Monday - ran with Rox for a very gentle 5km or so.  Knee felt great so very happy with that.

Wednesday - was going to run again with Rox but she organised to run with a friend who is keen to start/increase her running.  (An indicator of how Rox's fitness has improved is that she found this way too easy).  I did 8.4km easy by myself instead.  Not sure of the actual time as I stopped and walked with Gary Carlton for approx 5 mins discussing knee injuries.  Knee was not too bad but could feel it a little bit over the last 3km.

Thursday - planned to do 2km warm up; 4 or 5 x 1km @ 3.45/km with 2 min walk recovery between; 2km cool down.

Did three 1km reps as follows: 3.35; 3.43; 3.39 so a bit all over the place with my pacing.  Could feel the knee a little bit on the second and third reps and then when I started the fourth one, it was bit worse so I pulled the pin and jogged home (approx 1.5km).

I have iced the knee, taken some ibruprofen and put voltarin gel on it.  It's not swollen and it's not painful (it wasn't painful when I was running either) but it is more of a discomfort and just doesn't feel right and it makes me think that I need to be careful or it is going to get inflammed and swollen again.

I'm just going to continue to take it easy and not push the envelope.  Because of the development of my knee issue throughout the taper and then on the marathon day, I feel like I have this big aerobic base that I haven't really exploited.  Apart from the knee, I recovered from the marathon very similarly to my recovery from the 35km long run I did in training (not surprising as the average pace was pretty much identical).  I didn't wipe myself out at Rottnest simply because I wasn't able to run to my capacity having lost some condition over the "taper" and then because the knee blew up at 30km.

I'm hoping now that my knee can improve to the extent that I can still exploit some of that aerobic capacity before I lose it through de-training and at the same time add a bit of sharpness through some speedwork over shorter distances.

I'm using the foam roller every night and am now adding some core strength and other exercises.  Just looking forward to getting back to having enough confidence in my knee so that I can go out and thrash myself in an interval workout and know that the only damage I'm doing to myself is fatigue and muscle soreness.

In other news ... New York City Marathon is on Sunday night Perth time (9pm I believe) and there will be a streaming telecast on universalsports.com.

Also - after a couple of seasons off, I'm looking to make a "comeback" to Masters cricket with Perth CC.  Next game is on 8 November so will definitely need to get down to the nets for a trundle before then.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

First run post marathon and knee update

Friday - went for 5.2km with Rox Friday morning.  Ran at her pace apart from about 50m where I ran more of my own easy pace and definitely felt my knee more then.

Saw my doctor later that morning and discussed the outcome of the marathon.  He believes that with patience and sensible ongoing stretching and massage there is no reason why I shouldn't make a full recovery over the next few weeks.

Had another cortisone shot straight into the bursar and a bit of tendon needling.  Not much fun when the local wore off as I was driving home and limped around for most of the day at work but since then it has recovered a lot better than after my first cortisone shot.

Bought a firm foam roller on Saturday morning and have had a three long stretching sessions with it since then and can certainly feel the benefit of it.  Quite different from the cricket ball which was more focused whereas the roller seems to give a more dispersed stretch.

I'll run again with Rox tomorrow morning and probably Wednesday and see how I'm going then.  I would like to be running every second day by the end of next week and gradually pick it up from there, more in relation to regularity rather than distance which will stay moderate for a few weeks.

If all goes well, I may target the Peninsula Run (5km) on 15 November for a tempo effort.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Rottnest

Forgot to congratulate Sugar (3rd in 10km) and Sandgroper (2nd in 5km) on their runs at Rottnest.  The clouds had cleared by the time their race started and with the humidity and the wind, it made for pretty tough going but they were both flying at the end - really strong performances.

Heaps of kids ran, particularly in the 5km and it was fantastic to see them putting in the trademark sprint at the finish.  Absolutely flat out - I can almost remember when I did that ...

Should also menton that we had a couple of great meals after the marathon was over and done with.  On the Sunday evening, we had dinner at Aristos on the Waterfront.  Great view and great food.  Rox and I had the special - Snapper and prawns with a creamy garlic sauce.  The kids meals, particularly Sammie's calimari were great value.  Real calimari, not those chewy squid rings either.  Definitely recommend it.

Monday we had lunch at the pub.  I had a great steak sandwich which hardly touched the sides.

Looking forward to our holiday on Rotto in January and some relaxed early morning running.

Off to the doctor about my knee on Friday.  I'm half hoping (actually more than half hoping) for another cortisone shot so I can start some easy running next week.

Sugar took some photos at Rottnest as did Rox (I've been told the baggy shorts need to go ... )

At the start with Nick and Ben

Drink station helpers

After the finish with ice
The start

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rottnest Marathon Race report

Pretty disasterous apart from the fact that I managed to finish and hold on for 5th place. Under estimated how tough the course and the conditions were and set my time goals too high and then went out a bit too fast. My knee held until 30km and then went from OK to stuffed within a minute. Limped through the next 5km before settling into a chopped stride for the last 7km to the finish. Got passed with 2km to go to slip from 4th to 5th.

Splits as follows:

4km - 15.45

10km - 40.50

20km 1.23.21 (previous 10km in 42.30)

Half 1.28.11

25km - 1.45.05 (previous 5km in 21.03)

30km - 2.08.22 (previous 5km in 23.16)

35km - 2.34.10 (previous 5km in 25.48)

40km - 2.59.38 (previous 5km in 25.27)

42.2 - 3.09.55 (2.2km in 10.17)

Pace already dropping to 4.30/km pace before knee went but knee pushed me out over 5.00/km.

Pleased I didn't drop out but annoyed at a poor performance and my least enjoyable marathon by far.

Despite all the problems I had with my knee, I was running pain free by the time of the race and decided to trust my training to get me through at 4.00/km pace.  I had got myself into a groove where I felt that at my race pace I was running comfortably below my threshold at that pace and that even if I couldn't hold that pace, I could hold that below threshold effort.

Lead up to the race was perfect.  We travelled over on the Friday afternoon and stayed at the Rottnest Lodge in one of the quod rooms (the old prison part).  Bit of a squeeze with all four of us in one room but very nice and cool with the really thick walls of the old prison.  Our room was 4 cells which had been converted into a big bedroom and ensuite.

My brother and his family came over as well staying at the Winnit Club camp with the huge benefit being that we could prepare our own evening meals.  I cooked pasta both Friday and Saturday night, a spaghetti bolognaise on Friday and a Tuna Penne on Saturday.  Along with my traditional footlong Subway roll for lunch on the Saturday and the same pre race nutrition from Boston, I felt like I was perfectly carbo loaded and hydrated.

Despite the good forecast, the very hot 37 degrees on Saturday produced humid conditions on Sunday and stronger winds than were forecast.  In hindsight there were a lot of signals that I should have reset my goals but I managed to ignore all of them.  I wish that I had sought out the advice of more experienced marathoners (or a coach) the day before and discussed my race plans rather than ploughing on regardless.

6am start and I was very surprised (and more than a little embarrassed) to find myself well in front for the first 200m without feeling like I was doing anything more than running.  Thankfully this was only brief as Stephen Courtney (State Marathon champ), Steve McKean and Mark Page (6 time Rottnest winner and twice second at Comrades) soon came to the front.  We went through the first km in 3.55 which was quicker than I wanted but I was prepared to go a few seconds faster (or slower) so that I could run in a group.  A good theory but I picked the wrong group to do it with.

We went through 4km in 15.45 and while I still felt comfortable, they had just been warming up and Mark Page led through 5km as a small gap opened between myself and the other two.  By the time were heading out on the Causeway for the first time, I was running on my own and I saw Mark Page slow to allow the other two to catch him up and then they pushed on as a group into the headwind.  There was a big gap between myself in 4th and the runners behind and I wasn't in a position to run with anyone else.

So it was a lonely slog through the first full lap as I went through 10km in 40.50.  By this stage I wasn't running by my watch at all, I was runing purely on that below threshold race pace effort that I believed I could maintain (or would try my hardest to maintain for the full distance).  My pace dropped a bit further over the next 10km as I went through a bit of a bad patch from 13-18km and I went through 20km in 1.23.21 and then the halfway mark in 1.28.11.  If I had run an even pace to get to half way in 1.28 I would have been very happy but I hadn't, but my pace was still under 4.15/km pace (ie sub 3hours) from 20-25km.

Jon Pendse (who ran a very smart and perfectly paced race - by my calculations 1.28/1.32 splits) passed me just after the half way point and put a few hundred metres on me over the next 8km.  By the time we were getting close to the 30km mark, my too quick start was starting to take effect but once Jon was gone and I stopped stressing about thinking that I should be pushing on to try to close the gap, I went through a couple of kms where I felt that I had settled into a rhythm and pace that I could maintain hopefully through to the finish.

As the course approaches Geordie Bay there is a long but gentle downhill before a long but gentle climb up to the cottages at Geordie Bay (where we had stayed in January).  Over the course of a minute on the downhill, my knee went from feeling fine, to the complete deep stabbing pain that I had experienced a couple of weeks ago.  It just came out of nowhere and although I continued running, I was now limping and my pace slowed accordingly.

The big downhill from Geordie Bay was very painful and I was contemplating pulling out when I got back to the settlement as I wasn't sure I could limp my way through another full lap for the last 10km.  Mark Page had pulled out at the start of the third lap so although Jon had long since passed me, I was in fourth place and couldn't see the fifth place runner when I glanced back.  I'm not a quitter and my doctor had told me that I couldn't do any permanent damage and that I could continue to run if I could put up with the pain so I decided that while I could keep running, I would keep going.

There was a small lap that we did every time we came back to the settlement before heading out again and as I went out on the last lap, I saw Kevin Matthews in fifth place starting that small lap.  I estimated that was about 700-800m in front of him with about 10km to go.  By chopping my stride considerably, I was able to run without limping but because I couldn't open up my stride I couldn't go any quicker.  Aerobically I felt great although my body was pretty much at its limit.

It was basically just a hard grind on the last lap, waiting to be passed.  Kevin passed me just before we headed down the hill from Geordie Bay with about 2km to go.  I tried to pick up my pace to peg him back once we got onto the flat stretch around the lake before getting back to the settlement but I couldn't make any ground and in the end I decided to conserve something in case the 6th placed runner appeared.

I finished in 3.09.55 so not my slowest marathon but definitely my least enjoyable and hardest.  I really was kidding myself thinking that I could run with the lead pack and all I did was put myself into a position where I was running on my own once they picked up the pace.  Maybe if I hadn't had such a disrupted taper, I would have been able to hold it together for longer but I suspect that I was always struggling once my ITB injury occurred a few weeks back and when it came on during the race, it wouldn't have mattered how fast I was going, it was going to wreck my race.

So on the one hand, I'm disappointed but on the other I'm pleased I didn't drop out and pretty pleased to have finished 5th which is my highest placing in a WAMC event.  It was fantastic having my family there, including my brother and his family supporting and cheering me on and that was a major factor in me not dropping out (especially in front of my own kids).  I've never been so pleased to stop running though which will make for a very average finish line photo.  My knee was very sore at the finish even after I got ice onto it pretty much straight away.  Tender to touch and now pretty swollen despite a decent amount of ibruprofen since the race finished.

Rottnest is a hard, hard course.  I think it is tougher than Boston and I'm not sure I would do it again.  I'm never going to be the sort of person who does more than 1 or 2 marathons a year, so I can't imagine that the masochistic element of testing myself on a course like that is going to be an attraction in the future.  I've done 3 marathons now, the last two being pretty hard ones so I'm pretty keen to do a flat fast one or two next.  At Rottnest, it's always going to be windy and you're probably going to be running on your own.  For me, that's not much fun.

For now though, it's going to be a longish period (I suspect) getting rid of this ITB injury so I envisage I'll be sticking to shorter distances for a while.  We have airline tickets to the Gold Coast coinciding with next year's marathon (July) but luckily there is a half and a 10km as well if my knee takes longer than it should to get better.

Sorry this isn't a more positive report but it wouldn't be an honest one if it was.  Thanks to all my family for their support and getting me through this one and also to my friends through running in person and through this and other blogs.  I think putting yourself out there on a blog makes you accountable in one respect but it also gives you the chance to benefit from the encouragement and advice of others and I certainly have.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rehearsal run, trigger point massage and easy run - ready for Rottnest

Wednesday - 3 km warm up, 3km @ MP (12 mins) , 2km warm down.  Ran the 3km into the wind (and into the sun).  Missed the actual 2km and 3km markers so didn't get an exact time for the exact 3kms.  I was looking for them and knew pretty well where they should be, but they have faded a bit and running into the sun made them very hard to spot.  Felt like I was running well under my threshold at MP so I'm hopeful of maintaining that for a significant portion of the marathon if my knee holds up. Still no hills and I'm not going to risk any now - will give my knee the full last 3-4 days to recover with only easy running on the flat and rest.

I wore the clothes I will be racing in and my racing shoes.  I have contemplated doing this marathon in my 2130 training shoes for the extra cushioning and stability but think I will go with the Ohana Racers.  Although light, they are not a minimalist race shoe and still provide enough support I think.  Psychologically the lighter shoes also help, probably more than physically but every second counts.

Forecast for Rottnest is looking promising 16-20C with light winds in the morning. Now if only those hills would disappear too ...

Early afternoon, I got a massage from the masseur recommended by Sugar.  Glad I was face down for most of it as I didn't have to try to hide the tears in my eyes!!  Confirmed the ridging/fused muscle fibres in my right thigh - huge difference between my left and right.  Looks like I am going to need ongoing deep massage to break that down to prevent a recurrence of my knee problems.  Full hour of pretty painful massage but felt good for it.  Very much focused on trigger points - ouch!

Thursday - 6.2km easy to Mends Street and return.  Wore Skins as precaution after yesterday's massage session.  Met Kim and Sugar at Mends Street and had a chat for 5 or so minutes about Rottnest mostly.  Looks like they will both be running the 10km and are staying close to the start as well. 

I didn't wear my heart rate monitor for this but ran easily at what would have been a very conversational pace (if I had someone to talk to).  Felt like I was running a reasonable pace without any effort at all which was re-assuring.

Travel to Rottnest tomorrow and have decided to take a rest day.  I've run the past 8 days and although nothing was further than 8.4km, I had a rest 2 days before Boston and it seemed to work well.  I had a swim in Boston so as long as the water isn't too cold, I might even have one when we get to Rottnest. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Keith Kelly interview

One of my favourite blogs to read is Keith Kelly's blog which I have now added to my blog list.  Keith Kelly is an awesome runner from Ireland who unfortunately has had regular major injury problems since he finished college (where he won the NCAA cross country championship in 2000).  He keeps coming back though and earlier this year, he won the Irish cross country championship before getting injured again.

He also has great taste in music and you can always find something worth listening to (and watching on his blog).  Below is a fantastic interview with Keith as well as some vision of him winning the NCAA championship in 2000.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Keith Kelly Wins 2000 XC Championships from runprovidence on Vimeo.

6km easy - felt sluggish but knee good

Easy run to Mends Street and return - did 1km @ MP effort (4.04). Felt a little sluggish this morning but knee was good and got better as I ran.

Starting to get excited again ...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Easy 5.2km - another physio session

Monday - just ran an easy 5.2km in 23 minutes this morning.  If I was doing a normal taper, today would have been a rest day after 21km yesterday but I think I am going to do little bit every day except Friday.  I'll do my rehearsal run on Wednesday but shorten the non MP part considerably.

Went and saw my physio again this evening.  She believes my ITB is nowhere near as tight as it was and has improved more since Friday.  We spoke quite a bit about the tendon soreness and bruising and likened to a cork.  That's actually what it feels like now when I run, very similar to afer you have had a knock at soccer and are trying to run it off.

I'll be doing another short and easy run again tomorrow and trying not to get stressed at work.  In fact, I refuse to get stressed at work this week.

Bad luck to Clown who developed a foot injury at Melbourne and had to drop out after 12km but that sub 3 at Boston next year will be even more rewarding now.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another small step

Sunday - 2km warm up, 4 x 1km @ MP, 2km warm down. (3.56/3.53/3.58/3.58). Deliberately eased off on the last 2 but still ran quicker than MP. First and third reps into the wind.  Knee discomfort solely in the tendon rather than the deep pain from before.

Huge congrats to Simon for his 2.48 at the Melbourne Marathon.  I got a text from him in which he said he was on 2.42 pace until severe stomach cramps at 27km.  Great first marathon which should easily place him in the first corral at Boston next year.

Was able to find TB in the results (4.11 - which I think is his best for a while) but not Clown so hope that is just a technical glitch and not because of anything else.

Missed the half marathon champs as we were kid-free so went to a movie but I see Dathan Ritzenhein ran 60 flat for third place.  Have to try to find some video of that.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't forget World Half Marathon Champs and Chicago Marathon tomorrow

Both on http://www.universalsports.com/

Half Marathon Champs from Birmingham, England @ 4pm Perth Time, Chicago Marathon @ 8pm Perth Time.

It's a big day with Melbourne on that morning as well.

Gradual improvement continues

This morning I did the workout I mentioned yesterday.  Easy 2km (approx) warmup then 3 x 1km @ MP with 2min walk recovery between.  Didn't need the recovery for anything more than reducing the consistent time I was running and I was pretty happy with how the 1km reps went 3.57/3.55/3.55 which is a bit quicker than MP but felt very comfortable (as it should but still re-assuring).

Wore the pat strap that Epi mailed me.  Not sure if it did any good but my knee felt a bit more stable/secure so think I will stick with it as it can't hurt.

The soreness in my knee was solely tendon related rather than the ITB soreness which is deeper into my knee so I am counting on continual improvement in the tendon soreness and hoping that the ITB/inflammed bursar doesn't flare up again.  Still no hill running but was able to walk a little more comfortably (well, hobble less) downhill today.

2km (approx) warm down for total of about 7km running.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow but it will be another easy one.

Good luck to Clown and Simon in the Melbourne Marathon tomorrow.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ran another 8km

This morning I ran the same 8km as I did yesterday, slightly quicker overall and slightly quicker on the MP 2km stretch.  Actually timed myself accurately this morning 4.07/4.04 for the each of the two kms.

Knee was slightly improved on yesterday but still felt a bit proppy walking downhill, although I did walk down four flights of stairs this afternoon and it felt good.  Not game to run downhill yet and will leave that for later next week I think.

Saw my physio this afternoon and had some more deep massage into the ITB which was painful but makes me feel like I am getting somewhere.  Also just spoke to my doctor on the phone.  He recommends short work only (ie 1km intervals at MP) and nothing long now to give my knee the best chance to settle down (or not flare up).  He said it sounds more promising than he thought it would be which sounds good to me too.

So tomorrow, I think I will do an easy 2km warm up, 3 x 1km @MP with 2 min walk recovery between, 2km jog home.  Nothing I do aerobically or anaerobically now will hve any effect on my peformance, I can't risk going for a longer run just for psychological benefit (although I'd love to go for 21km on Sunday) so the best I can do is remind my body what it is like to run at MP and then hope it holds up on the day. 

The main worry I have now is hills and the effect of running downhill and that's probably something I won't know until the day as I won't be testing it properly over any distance or repetition beforehand.

More physio and massage on Monday and Wednesday next week and I'll keep on with my self massage/masochism with the cricket ball.

Also thanks to Epi for sending me the pat strap - I'll give that a try from tomorrow as well.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ran 8km - first run post knee treatment

Thursday - 8km in 35 mins (4.23/km pace).  Still sore in the knee - mostly it seems from the cortisone shot and the tendon needling. It's a bit bruised and tender.  Difficult to walk downhill so don't know how I could run downhill. Soreness was different from ITB soreness when I was running though . I felt a couple of twinges of ITB type soreness when I picked up pace to around marathon pace (more likely 4.10/km than 4.00/km though). Still generally sore now so don't really know where I am at as far as Rottnest goes. Ongoing assessment I guess.  The pain running today was tolerable to the extent that I think I could put up with it for a marathon as long as it didn't too much worse.

I actually woke up at 3.45am this morning and had to go to the loo.  Then I couldn't get back to sleep due to nerves about going for a run.  It was worse than before most races I have done and took me about an hour to get back to sleep.

I'm hoping that the soreness is from the the needling and that it will continue to settle down.  Would have liked to speak to my doctor today to get some advice on how regularly (and how far) I should run now that I can run again but he is not in today so will have to be tomorrow.  I think I will try to do a similar run again tomorrow.  I don't feel like I should be trying to run too far and it's too close for there to be any real benefit in any case.  I do feel like I should try to get my body used to running at the pace I would like to run the marathon at but depending on how the knee improves (or doesn't improve) I may need to re-assess my goals.

At the moment I have no idea and the spectrum of goals ranges from still trying to run 4-4.02/km average pace to 4.15/km (sub 3hr) through to just finishing.  Might have to put this one down to experience as a test of character rather than a test of how fast I can run.

I have been doing the self massage with cricket ball and rolling pin and have a physio appointment tomorrow.  I can't get in to see the massage therapist recommended by Sugar until Wednesday next week so will probably look to get another physio session maybe Monday.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ITB - the diagnosis

Saw a Doctor at Sportsmed Subiaco today and had a cortisone shot into the inflammed bursar and also some needling of the tendon under local anaethetic.  Doc said he could feel scar tissue when he was needling so thinks that I am pushing it to be able run a pain free marathon at Rottnest (pretty unlikely he thinks). He hopes that what he has done today will result in less/different pain but says my ITB is still too tight. Apparently though, I can't do any permanent damage so the question is if I can put up with the pain.

I am to do self massage with rolling pin and a cricket ball twice a day (not into the knee for 4-5 days) and also get some massage from someone who will "get right in there" on my ITB and is prepared to make it hurt.

I am to run on Thursday morning - nothing long but I'm allowed to try some quicker stuff so probably try 8.4km with 3-4km @ marathon pace.

Also saw the oesteopath this morning - I had the trifecta - ribs, back and pelvis all out of alignment so no wonder I've crocked myself. All lined up now though.  I sounded like a bowl of rice bubbles under manipulation.

Back to the doc after the marathon for longer term solution re the ITB.

I'm going to do everything I can to get to the starting line with half a chance of finishing.  That means being able to run more than 3.5km though which is something that was beyond me on Sunday.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lord of the Idiots

Saturday - didn't run. 

Sunday - was entered in the Fremantle Fun Run 10km but was unable to race due to ITB issue.  Seemed like fantastic conditions weather wise so hope it was good down in Freo for those running.

Having had a day off, I decided that I would try to get through an easy 27km run.  Although I had been forced to stop and walk on Friday, I was hoping that was a one off and that I would be able to get though a longer run as I had the Sunday before.

Knee was OK when I started but got progessively worse to the extent that I had to stop at the Marathon Club (after about 3.5km) and do the walk of shame home.

No running for me until after Tuesday's sport doctor visit and then only after the doc says I should run so probably the end of the week at the absolute earliest.  If necessary, I won't run at all until the marathon on the 18th but I hope that I will be able to run a bit earlier than that.  I think I am going to have to give this inflammation the maximum opportunity to settle down and stop stirring it up by continuing running.

Really p!ssed off at the moment.  Think I definitely would have run a PB this morning but more importantly (disappointingly) I think there is a pretty good chance that 5 months of getting up at 5.45-6am and the associated hard training have gone down the sh!tter.  Not to mention the approx $1000 spent on accommodation, ferry fares and race entry for Rotto.

Would be nice to get some good news on Tuesday but I'm not really that confident.  If there was a suitable location nearbly (Blackwall Reach maybe?), I would be recreating the last scene of Quadrophenia with the scooter which was undoubtedly the cause of this problem and which I felt like kicking the sh!t out of when I got back from my "walk" this morning.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Knee stuffed

Physio appointment this afternoon.  Not looking (or feeling good).

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knee on the mend (hopefully)

Lots of stretching and continuation of anti-inflammatories has seen a gradual but continual improvement in my knee. I aches a bit when I am running but not continually and doesn't seem to get bad enough for me to consider it actual pain.

Monday - recovery day.  Lots and lots of stretching.  I've found a good stretch which I do by leaning back over two high backless bar stools and basically letting the drag of gravity on my legs give me a good hip flexor stretch.

Tuesday - 12.8km in 56 mins (4.23/km pace).  Easy/moderate aerobic run.  Did a bit of a progression.  I'd passed a bloke on the city side of the river but he took the short route over the old Narrows Bridge so ended up about 400m or so ahead of me as we ran towards Mends Street.  Set myself a goal of catching him before I turned off at Hurlingham (he was taking the short path along the river too) and caught him with about 100m to spare.

Wednesday - Medium long run.  21.5km in 1hr 35mins (4.25/km pace).  Pretty chilly this morning so ran in Skins, long sleeves and beanie.  The aches in my knee came and went and came and went.  Windy alongside the Freeway but nice to have a bit of sunshine.  Yesterday and today, my knee wasn't stiff and sore after I stopped running which I think is a good sign of improvement.  I'm making sure I have a good stretch after I stop running too - something I often neglect given the need to get on with breakfast, shower, ironing shirt, making lunch etc before work.

Only bad bit about this morning was when I had my regular post long run Masters Edge drink.  Despite the fact that it was use by 21 December and was the third in a three pack of which the other two had been fine, this one had gone off.  Unfortunately I did not realise this until I had taken my first mouthful of what tasted like rancid cheese!! Gross ...

Recovery run tomorrow and expect I'll be wrapping up in the beanie etc again given the forecast cold night.

Monday, September 28, 2009

5th Avenue Mile 2009

Watch for Andy Baddeley's storming finish in the Men's race! Collis Birmingham finishes 6th in a very close race.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Long run inc marathon pace - now the taper

Wednesday - still felt a bit trashed after the Yasso session the night before when I did my usual recovery run.  My right ITB was a bit niggly which was slightly concerning and I started to think that I may have overdone it the day before. 8.4km in 48 mins.  Avg HR - 130.

Thursday  - Medium long run 21.5km in 1 hour 37 mins.  Right ITB still not right. Pretty windy this morning made this a run to just get done.   More concerned about my ITB and started up on the anti inflammatories again as well as Voltarin gel on the site.  Ran into Kim out with her running crew as I got down to the river this morning.  I expect we will see them all over at Rottnest, I just hope that I am able to get there in good shape as my ITB is an increasing concern.  Sought some advice from a couple of top marathoners 2.14-2.16 who both recommended getting some active release therapy as well as self massage with a foam roller or a tennis ball.  I didn't have a foam roller so went with the tennis ball (ouch!!)

Friday - took an unscheduled rest day instead of a recovery run in an effort to get in front of this ITB issue.  Made an appointment to see a therapist first thing Saturday morning.

Saturday - 1 hour massage therapy session.  I have very tight hip flexors which are contributing to the problem which my therapist thinks has been caused by my scooter accident three weeks ago.  Felt better after the session so decided I would give it a test to see if I could still do my scheduled long run on Sunday.

Rox and I took the kids to the Moscow Circus in the early afternoon (Couldn't face watching the AFL grand final after the Dogs were knocked out.  Actually that's not true, I could face watching it, I just wasn't interested in the result).  Ate too much popcorn which came back to bite me when I went for my run at 4pm.

It was quite warm at 4pm when I went for my run and although my right leg felt good, I felt pretty (very) sluggish and it was a real effort to crank the run up into the moderate range for the last 4km or so.  12.5km in 54 mins (4.19/km pace).  Knee felt good while I was running but sore immediately afterwards which makes me think it is not a true ITB problem as they normally hurt when you are running but ease off when you're not running.

Sunday - Bit the bullet and decided to push ahead with my long run as scheduled, mainly to see where I was injury wise over a decent distance.  Went out at my normal long run pace.  Took a gel after an hour and then ran on for a bit more before getting into 16.76km @ marathon pace effort.  I knew where I was running to and from but not how far it was and how long it should take me (I worked that out later).  My knee, which had been a bit uncomfortable while running at my normal long run pace, was much improved at the quicker pace and aerobically I felt good.  I ran the 16.76km sement in 67.40 which works out to 4.02/km pace so pretty much right on the money.  A slow last km as a warmdown, got me home for 32.2km in 2 hours 18mins and 30 secs (4.18/km pace).  My fastest 20 mile training run by a considerable margin.  Knee a bit stiff and sore when I stopped running.

We had the junior soccer club trophy day this morning (I got home from my run at 9.20am - trophy presentation was at 10am) and it was while I was at the trophy presentation that I did a standing hip flexor stretch.  I felt a small "click" in my knee while doing it and my knee has felt a lot better since.  I can feel the tightness in my knee when I stretch my hip flexor so it has worked out well that I have a rest day tomorrow where I will do a lot of stretching and hopefully get on top of this knee issue now I seem to have identified the cause of the problem.  I might alo get an appointment to see my osteopath during the week to make sure my back is not the cause of my tight hip flexors (as I suspect it might be).  The therapist I saw on Saturday thinks that it is possible that I have a cracked rib so if that doesn't improve over the next few days, I guess I'll get that checked too. - (There is nothing that can be done for it so I have, and will continue to give this a lesser priority).

Monday - Sunday 7 day total = 101km

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yasso 800 session tonight - very hard but worth the effort

Bit of a day for catching up with other runners.  This morning on my recovery run I ran into Sandgroper who was out for a longish run and my brother in law Garry who was going the other way. Had a quick chat with Sandgroper but not long enough really so looking forward to catching up with him again at Rottnest if not before.

8.4km in 45.30 with average HR 128 so nice and easy.  Basically 2nd easy run in a row so pleased the HR was well down.

This afternoon I left work early and caught the bus home to grab the car to get out to the new track for 5.15pm for Yasso 800 session.  Epi had put a comment on my blog saying that he was keen to join in so met him there and Clown and Trailblazer arrived after we had done a couple of warm up laps.

Clown was running some 600s while TB was doing some shorter faster stuff I think.  Epi joined in with me on the 800s.

3.2km warm up
10 x 800 @ 2.40 with 2.40 active recovery
1.6km warm down (was supposed to be 3.2 but I was knackered)
Total - 17.8km

800m rep times as follows:
1.   2.37
2.   2.40
3.   2.42
4.   2.40
5.   2.40
6.   2.44
7.   2.42
8.   2.47
9.   2.44
10. 2.38

Epi took a rep off after 5 but joined back in from 7 onwards for the last 4.  He probably ran 2-3 secs faster than me on reps 8 and 9 and dragged me through which was good.  By my calculations, I averaged around 2.41.4 for the 10 reps compared to 2.45 for the last time I did this session.  Conditions were better this time and although there was a slight headwind in the back straight, compared to the wind we have been having it was nothing.

Was pleased to finish with a quick 2.38 rep - the last one is always easier than the few beforehand.  I was really just hanging on on rep 8 which makes getting through the whole set close to an ambitious target all the more satisfying.  Good confidence booster which hopefully will carry through to the Freo Fun Run 10km before Rottnest.

Very tired legs now and I'd have to say that was quite probably the hardest session I have done.

Good to catch up with the guys.  Epi and Clown are running Boston next year - I'm sure they will love it.  Big thanks to Epi for jumping back in for the last 4 reps and pacing me through.

Recovery run tomorrow morning - I can't imagine I would be good for much else anyway.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yasso 800s tomorrow

Forecast is fine for tomorrow (I think/hope). I'm scheduled for my second Yasso 800s session. I'll do a recovery run in the morning and get away from work early enough to get home to grab the car and get to the track for the session.

I'm going to shoot for an ambitious 2.40 average rep time and am going to slow my recovery jog down so that only do 400m rather the 500m in the 2.40 rest period.

This morning I did an easy 14.8km in 67mins (4.32/km pace).  It was pretty windy out there and I was still feeling some of Saturday's 35km in my legs.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nice easy paced long run this morning - excited about the Berlin Marathon tomorrow and a great Ryan Hall speed workout!

Friday - 8.4km recovery run.  I ran the first 15 mins with Rox.  It was a little windy and after Thursday's hard workout, I wasn't inclined to push it at all.  Average HR 135

Saturday (today) - 35.3km long run.  Nice conditions.  It only rained very lightly for about 5 mins and the wind was negligible.  Again, after a solid week training wise and a hard week at work where the first few days in particular were pretty stressful, I appreciated the opportunity to just run without worrying about time.
As usual, I felt most comfortable running after about 45mins-1 hour and for the next hour.  The last 40mins or so were a bit tougher but relative to a hard run or a progression run, pretty easy.  2 hours 40 mins running time (4.32/km pace) to finish the week a touch over 117km.  Two speed workouts this week as well so a good week at just the right time.

I'm pretty excited about the Berlin Marathon tomorrow.  Haile Gebrselassie v Duncan Kibet, the two fastest marathoners in history on the fastest major marathon course.  It should be being streamed on http://universalsports.com/ from 3pm Perth time but if you want to get in the mood before then, check out Haile TV on http://www.scc-events.com/events/berlin_marathon/2009/haile.en.php

Watched the Bulldogs on TV last night.  Can't take anything away from the Saints but thought the Bulldogs were fantastic and very unlucky.  Not going to complain about the umpiring but thought the free that was given against Brian Lake at the start of the second half was very soft, even if it was stupid by Lake.  Gave the Saints momentum at a crucial time in the match.  Apart from Riewoldt, I thought Jarrod Harbrow was best on ground.

Found this great Ryan Hall workout on Flotrack.  2 sets of 5 x 800m with a 1 (!!) minute jog recovery between each rep and 4 mins between each set.  He runs between 2.11 and 2.17 for each rep and this is at altitude (7700 feet).  Very inspiring.  Looks like nice weather too - it would be good to get some of that.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A great but very hard workout continues a good week so far

Monday - 14.8km including 6 x 4 mins @ 5km pace.  Managed to get a km split on the first rep of 3.30 and while I maintained that effort for the full set, I don't know if I maintained the pace.  I hope I did.

Tuesday - 21.5km in 1 hour 37 mins (4.30/km pace).  Didn't push it at any stage as I had run reasonably hard the day before and I knew what was coming on Thursday.

Wednesday - 8.4km recovery run.  44mins average HR 137.  HR a little higher than normal.

Thursday - marathon predictor, killer speed/threshold workout.  This workout is a Hanson's Distance Project workout performed as a late speed workout.  According to former Hanson's runner Mike Reneau (who regularly provides positive comments and encouragement on my Strands site), the Hanson's runners usually do this workout 2 weeks before.  That's way too close to the marathon for me and while I will be doing a lot of MP running in my taper, it won't be anything like this volume-wise at that pace.

The workout is basically 2 x 6 miles at 5 secs faster than marathon pace per mile with a 10 min jog recovery between reps.  For me this worked out as follows:
2.8km warmup
10.55km in 41.50 (3.58/km pace) (10.55km is a "big" lap of  the bridges ie running under the Narrows and over the new Narrows before coming under again).
10 min jog
10.55 in 41.50 (3.58/km pace)
2.8km warm down
Total - 28.7km

Got up at 5.30am to make sure I got this in before work and headed out at 5.50am.

Ran down to the Causeway to commence first rep and completed it in 41.05 (!!).  Pleased with that, although I was unable to run an even pace all the way.  Took a couple of km splits after coming over the Narrows at 3.53/km and 4.03/km.  Bit windy as I got closer to the Causeway but also a bit of fatigue and may have gone out a little too hard.

Simon met me as I got back to the Causeway and we ran up to the Marathon Club and back (2km) in the 10min jog recovery.

Set off for 2nd lap, Simon was taking some km splits on his Nike+ and I think we hit one of the early ones in 3.50.  Again, it got harder once we came off the Narrows (for me anyway) and the 3.53 split became a 3.58 this time.  Not sure of the second one, possibly 4.06.

We must have banked a bit of time though because I completed the second lap in 41.06.  I actually lost a few seconds as we got on the Narrows where a Tour de France size peleton of cyclists held me up so if not for that the second lap may have even been slightly quicker than the first.

Pretty knackered at the end of it all and after a quick chat with Simon (he is running the Freo Half this Sunday as a tune up for the Melbourne Marathon on 11 October), it was a gentle jog back home as a warmdown.  All up 28.7km in approx 2hrs 2 mins (running time).

41.05/41.06 works out to 3.53/km which is a bit quicker than my goal marathon pace (by about 7 secs/km).  Still not sure I can run 4 min/km all the way yet.  The Fremantle Fun Run on 4 October will be another good predictor but because I couldn't do the Freo Half, this workout is the next best predictor I have.  Basically, this morning I ran a half marathon in 1.21.11 (although the 10 min break in the middle is pretty significant) so it was a hard workout for me.

Sorry for the gap between posts.  I'm in a new and much busier role at work.  No time for blogging/surfing generally although I have got to the bottom of my tray and the phone has momentarily stopped ringing.

Rox and I are off to see Chris Isaak tonight.  This will be the fourth (maybe fifth) time we have seen him.  He always puts on a great show and we have good seats (although I'm sure we will be standing).  Out to dinner beforehand to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary (17 years on the 19th).

Recovery run tomorrow (phew) with another 35.3km scheduled for Saturday.  Last week of soccer this Sunday so will switch my long runs to Sunday until the marathon from next weekend on.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the way back

32.2km long run today.  2 hours 25 mins (4.30/km pace).  Would have liked to go quicker but given the week that I have had as well as the wind this morning, I'm OK with this run.

Right leg was fine today.  Stretching regularly yesterday obviously did the trick.  Some niggly issues with my left foot early on but they went away.  Probably nothing special or different from every other long run, I'm just extra sensitive to aches and pains at the moment.

Rib was a bit sore early but after around 40 mins I hardly felt it.  Reckon that might have been when the Nurofen Plus I took before the run kicked in.  I don't normally take anti-inflams before I run, but thought that if it took the "edge" off of my rib issues, I was probably less likely to be putting strain on my calf.  Don't know if that was the case but calf was fine and rib was too.

Pretty blowy out there which was annoying - where's the proper spring weather?  Makes it very hard to get a feel of where you are at when the wind is like that.

By the time I was in the last 4km, I was feeling pretty good about things so decided to run the last 4km at marathon pace.  Was able to get some splits from km markers from the Perth marathon (kms 37-39) being 4.06 and 4.00 so 8.06 for 2km which I am please with given that was after I had already run 28kms, the previous 10km of which had been into the wind.  The next few weeks are pretty important for determining what pace I will target for Rottnest.

Have recovered well from the run.  An article in the most recent Running Times talks about post workout nutrition.  The accepted wisdom on the glycogen window has been 30 mins but this latest article says that within 15mins is even better.  Based on my weight I need to get in at least 80gms of carbs as well as 20gms of protein within 15 mins of a hard workout.  A powerade, Masters Edge drink and a banana get me up to where I need to be.

I'm in a much better head space than I was a couple of days ago so with a bit of luck, I'll be close to 100% by mid next week.  I have found some bruising and swelling in a particulaly "sensitive" spot but it is not tender unless I touch it and it doesn't impact on my running so as far as I am concerned, it's not a problem.

Only 92kms this week but given everything that happened, I'll take that.

Friday, September 11, 2009


No run today. Weather diabolical again this morning and I was only scheduled for a recovery run so decided to take the rest instead.

Leg is feeling a bit better. I think the muscle that is tight is the soleus and have found a stretch for it - the old leaning against the wall calf stretch (bent back leg). Trying to stretch regularly and it doesn't feel so tight, even when I scrunch up my toes.

Rib is still tender to touch. I forgot to take anti inflams this morning so will take some after dinner tonight. 32km scheduled for tomorrow. I would have done some marathon pace running for the last 15km if I hadn't had the accident but now I'll just be happy to get through it without my leg playing up on me.

Rox and I went to see "The Taking of Pelham 123" last night. The original is one of my favourite movies and although this remake didn't get great reviews, we knew it would have lots of great shots of New York. We both enjoyed it and Travolta played his trademark sociopath (think Swordfish, Broken Arrow) brilliantly.

We have a quiz night tonight but it is supposed to be an early finish. My main struggle is keeping my hands off the snacks.

World Athletics Final in Greece over the weekend. I'm about 190 points in front of my brother in our fantasy athletics league so hope my picks come through for me. You can only pick each athlete once per season so I have already used up most of the favourites (Bolt, Merritt, Bekele, Richards etc) although I kept a couple up my sleeve. Important bragging rights are at stake!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No news = bad news

I was holding off on posting until I could post something positive but ... this morning's run was a definite candidate for crappiest run ever.

I didn't get to the track for my workout after work on Tuesday.  I was stuck at work until 5.45pm so by the time I got home it was after 6pm ... too late to get to the track.

I substituted it on Wednesday morning with a workout I have done a few times before, Carmichael Training Systems/Powerbar audio tempo interval workout.  4mins, 6mins, 8mins, 10mins, 12mins with 2mins easy recovery.  10 min warm up inc 4 strides and 10 min warm down. 

I could feel my rib basically every stride but it was uncomfortable/discomfort rather than pain (probably about a 3 out of 10). More worrying was a tightness in my lower right leg, between the calf and the achilles. It impacted on the "power" in my stride as it was hard to push off. Actually it was more like it had trouble absorbing landing in time to push off again.

Pushed on with the workout and ran tempo effort and all up the run was 18.1km in 1 hour 16 mins so I would estimate that the tempo parts were around the correct pace.

Today's (Thursday)workout however was crap. Rib still sore, maybe slightly more so although the tenderness is more localised on a smaller spot. The tightness in my leg was still there, also slightly worse. Not sure if it is strain/knock from accident or has been caused but maybe a slight alteration in my gait due to trying to limit movement over my ribs.

Not pain in my leg but a sort of strained tightness and a result no power in my stride. I can feel it now if scrunch up my toes and I can't seem to find a stretch that isolates it (calf stretches, raises or drops don't do it).

I was down to do 24-25km but that was when my speed session was to have occurred on the Tuesday so I cut it back. I would have run 21.5km but a combination of my rib, leg, the sh!t weather (completely sick of it) and feeling sorry for myself meant that I just did a basic 18.4km long bridges loop and as mentioned found a candiate for the most crappiest run ever. 18.4km in 1 hour 27 mins (4.44/km pace).

So not happy and a little worried. Very gentle recovery run tomorrow but I am not confident that Saturday's long run is going to be a success.

Anyone want to buy a scooter?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A minor setback

Had to come sooner or later ...

Had an accident on the scooter last night coming home in the rain.  When I decided I was going to ride the scooter when I started working again, I also decided that I wouldn't ride in the rain.  A combination of an incorrect weather forecast (rain was supposed to be gone by the afternoon), needing to get home before Rox had to take Ben out, a d!ckhead in a 4WD braking for no reason and my own stupidity combined to see me dumped on the road out the front of the WACA last night.

The positive of it I guess is that unlike the other accident I had where it was dry and I tried to keep the scooter upright and ended up twisting an ankle and wrenching my back, this time the scooter went straight out from under me.  The downside of that is that I went straight down onto my right shoulder and chest.  Rolled off the road so that I didn't get run over convinced that I had at least broken a rib.

I wasn't going fast and was well back from the car in front so didn't actually hit anything.  A couple of cars stopped and people got out to help and three police officers came out from the Perth Watch House.  They helped me get the scooter off the road and took me in for a cup of tea.

I've lost a bit of skin off both knees, mainly my right and have got some deep bruising I think on my ribs on the right hand side.  My right shoulder is a bit stiff and sore too.  Because I went straight down I managed to avoid any defensive wounds to my hands and the major damage was to the suitpants I was wearing which are torn and ruined.  My parka protected the jacket very well.

Dosed up on panadol and anti inflammatories.  Still dragged myself out for an 8.4km recovery run this morning (44 mins, HR 135) and am hoping to do my interval session this afternoon.  It's not too painful, more a discomfort when I run as the muscle moves over the rib cage.  Can't see running causing any damage and probably good to keep the blood flowing so I'm planning on gritting my teeth and sticking it out.  Only 3 weeks until the taper, can't afford time off now.

Only other complicating factor might be work.  I've been given something extra to work on so hope I can get away in time.  Took the bus today so it will be bus home, grab car, out to stadium.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Easy aerobic run this morning - hard session at the track tomorrow

This morning I ran 14.8km in 62 mins (4.11/km pace).  Started off easy and ran moderately hard for the last 15 minutes.  Tried to rain on me and there was a little bit of a breeze (northerly?) but nothing too strong.  I ran out to the Marathon Club, back to the Causeway and then around the bridges.

Tomorrow, I am heading back to the track for another hard session as follows:

3km warm up, then 6 laps with each lap being a little faster, progression from 10km pace down to 3km/1500m pace; 400m recovery then 8 x 200m @ 5km/3km pace with 100m recovery. 2 sets then warm down. Total approx 14km

This is a Nick Bideau workout that Brad Hudson suggests in his book "Run Faster - from the 5k to the marathon".  The 200s are something I haven't done for a long, long time but they are only at 5km/3km pace so more like strides or cruise interval speed.  Not sure what to do between the two sets, maybe jog 400/800m.  I'll see how I'm feeling.

Ben's team had another win on Sunday.  After a difficult start to the season where we were clearly in the wrong grade, we have played really well in the second half of the season with our worst performance being a 3-1 loss.  Last week, when I missed the game due to the City to Surf, we won 11-0 and this week we won 7-1.  The improvement is really noticeable as the kids have a lot more confidence on the ball and are bringing their team mates into the game with some creative passing.  Much less stressful for the coach too!!  2 games to go, I hope we can maintain the standard we have set.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cold and windy long run

Got wet too but that was secondary to a strong and cold wind that was gusting up even more strongly.  Probably a south westerly so although I was sheltered running through Maylands and East Perth, it was straight in my face running alongside the river on Riverside Dve and across the Narrows.

It was a bit of a cross wind for a while along the freeway but then really picked up and started raining too.  Bit of shame that it picked up then because I had just decided to pick up my pace a little between some km markers from the Perth Marathon (12-14).  Even with the strong wind I managed 4.12/km and 4.20/km (wind was stronger for the second km).  I had run about 30kms already to this point so I am satisfied with that pace especially given the conditions.

Similar to recent longer runs, I found that I was running most comfortably and settled into a really nice pace after about an hour of running.  Early on I wasn't enjoying it much but this changed very quickly.  The wind and rain towards the end was a bit of a dampener but still a good run.

35.3km in 2 hours 37 mins (4.26/km - the quicker end of my McMillan calculated long run pace).

Watched the Dogs go down to Geelong this afternoon.  Very frustrating as errors at crucial moments as well as a bad 15mins in the first quarter were the difference between the two sides.  Hope we can bounce back next week.

Just over 120kms for the week at an average of 4.19/km.

Rest day tomorrow including an 8.30am kickoff for Ben's soccer so an early night tonight I think.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Two interesting articles

I found these two articles very interesting.  I think the "Tyranny of the comfort zone" article might provide some clues to Sugar's great performances over the past few weeks.  Running quick and short has probably taken him out of his comfort zone after a couple of cycles of marathon training and the results are obvious.

The tyranny of the comfort zone

The other article provides some clues on what those of us who are marathon training can do to maintain our speed.  I was doing the short hill sprints but let them lapse when I started doing other speedwork.  Time to re-incorporate them I think, especially if I am going to run the 10km at the Fremantle Fun Run on 4 October.

Don't let marathon training steal your speed

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hard LT workout + Biscuitboy wins!!

Wednesday - 8.4km recovery run. After reviewing my optimal training paces using the McMillan Running Calendar, I decided to slightly increase the pace of my recovery runs. I have at time run as slow as 5.30/km on recovery runs but McMillan indicates that the slow end of my recovery run range is 5.17. This run was 43mins @ approx 5.07/km. As a result my average HR was up from the high 120s to 137.

Thursday - Ran scheduled LT workout with Simon. Have to say that when I woke up I was dreading this session. I knew it would be hard and for some reason, just couldn't get excited about it.

Lactate threshold run (5km easy, 15mins @marathon pace + 1 min easy, 15mins @ half marathon pace + 1 min easy, 15 mins @ half marathon/10km pace, 5km easy -21km total).

The 3 x 15 minute segments for me were paced as follows: 3.53-3.55/km (a bit quicker than marathon pace); 3.45 (a bit quicker than half marathon pace ie was about 10km pace); 3.50-3.52/km (half marathon pace). So I ran the first two a bit quicker than I should have which resulted in me running the last one at the slower end of the range.

Simon dropped me on the second rep by about 10 secs and by about 25 secs on the third rep. I was having to work pretty hard to maintain my pace after the first rep and was a bit annoyed with myself. Then I remembered a table from Pfitzinger and Douglas which provides the number of days after a particular workout before you are recovered enough to race or do a similar workout. For a threshold workout, the period is 5 days. If I count Sunday's race as a threshold workout, then today was only 4 days after. Once I realised that, I relaxed a bit and decided to run as hard as I needed to effort wise but not lose the plot if I couldn't hit the pace. Simon probably lifted the bar a bit higher than I'm up for at this stage in any case.

All up, I have this run as 21.8km in 1 hour 27 mins (3.59-4.00/km pace) so a really solid workout whatever way you look at it. Although I didn't hit the paces exactly as dictated/intended for the session, I was still in the right ranges and certainly felt like I had done the work required.

In other news, Ben had his school sports day today. Unfortunately, I was on a course at work so couldn't attend. Ben had a 75m sprint in B division and won!! He came third in B division last year after being in C division in previous years so that's a huge improvement. We keep telling him he is fast, maybe now he will believe us. I'm really disappointed that I missed it, not only because he won but because I know he tried his hardest. Apparently he got a bad start but not only caught up but when he was passed, dug deep and passed back just before the finish. Awesome!

Recovery run tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My City to Surf result

Here is my official result from the website:

Your Net time: 00:45:26

Your Gun time: 00:45:29

Channel Nine 12km Run
event place 51 of 12,374 finishers
You placed ahead of 99.60% of finishers in this event

category place 6 of 1,409 finishers
You placed ahead of 99.65% of finishers in this category

gender place 47 of 7,380 finishers
You placed ahead of 99.38% of finishers in this gender for the event

I usually put all my goals on this blog but I did have two "secret" goals as well - place in first 50 overall and top 5 in my age category, so I just missed out there too.

This morning (Tuesday) I ran 21.5k @4.16/km pace. No rain and little wind, pretty much perfect conditions. It felt much easier than I would have expected 4.16/km pace to feel which is re-assuring given my decision to lift the intensity of my training a little.

Recovery run (8.4km) tomorrow before Thursday's workout as follows:

Lactate threshold run (5km easy, 15mins @marathon pace + 1 min easy, 15mins @ half marathon pace + 1 min easy, 15 mins @ half marathon/10km pace, 5km easy -21km total).

I think the warmdown will end up being more than 5km for a run that is closer to 22km than 21km.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to run the Fremantle Fun Run 10km on 4 October which is two weeks before the Rottnest Marathon. (I can't run the Fremantle Half Marathon on 20 September as it clashes with the last game of the junior soccer season. Would have been perfect in relation to Rottnest as well)

I did the Bridges 10km two weeks before Boston and felt great after it. Still need to get a long run in around then though. Last time I ran 25km on the Monday after and did the second half at marathon pace. Not sure about the marathon pace bit this time around. Still some more thought to go into this, so any suggestions and advice would be most welcome.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Anthony Famiglietti is one of my favourite runners (even if he did run like a tool at the USA Track and Field Champs this year). This is a recent post from his blog which I am taking a lot from:

The life of a runner requires traveling to many races nationally and internationally throughout the year. We spend a lot of time flying around the country and it can get to be tiresome. I've learned to take the extra time when flying to reflect. I reflect on past races and examine races that I'm traveling to or the training I've done. Sometimes I look at my life and the bigger picture focusing on where I've been and where I'm really going.

I was admiring the landscape below as I flew home from a race recently and had a realization. It's interesting how my concept of things can change when I look at the world from a new perspective. If you've travelled on an airline and looked out the window you may have noticed the many rivers cutting through the rugged terrain below. You'll notice the river bending left and right sometimes with long sweeping curves as it travels the country side. It's an image I've seen many times when flying, but this particular trip it struck me in a unique way. I asked myself, "Does the lay of the land direct the flow of the river and determine it's direction or does the force of the river push through the landscape and ultimately determine its own direction?" After a moment I realized both are true. The lay of the land initially pushes the river in a particular direction twisting and turning it as it passes high and low points mountains and plains. But over time the force of the water will carve through the mountains and valleys and determine its own direction to a great degree.

The same is true for life. The landscape of your life is the environment you were born into and the immediate circumstances of your situation. You may be rich or poor, physically or intellectually talented or challenged in some way. You may have people supporting and encouraging you or you may be on your own. You may have doors opened for you and opportunities in front of you or you may have to create your own opportunities and open your own doors through hard work. Whatever the situation or landscape the important thing to know is that your drive, passion, will, discipline and focus can push you through any situation and help you carve your own way.

The people who are successful in life realize this early. The earlier you embrace this the more time you have to work towards your biggest goals and dreams. Time and patience are important factors in pushing to your goals. The Grand Canyon, one of the worlds greatest wonders, was carved by a river, but you should keep in mind it took millions of years to happen.

There is good news though. Whatever your goals in life and whatever landscape you may find yourself in, there is nothing you can't carve your way out of in just a few years. If you have dreams of finishing a marathon, setting a big PR, becoming the best runner on your team, or winning a championship race and the terrain looks daunting, just remember the river. Step back for a moment, take a deep breath and change your perspective. Look at the bigger picture, see things for what they truly are and realize you can push through anything.

This morning I had scheduled an 8.4km recovery run but decided to run a 12.8km general aerobic run instead. Ran easy/moderate for the most part but picked it up a bit for the last 3kms. All up 53mins (4.08/km pace).

21.5km medium long run tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it already.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Disappointing ...

I guess that's the best way to sum up how I felt about today's City to Surf 12km. A bit disappointed in my own performance and the organisation of the event (which I think to some extent affected my performance without wanting to make any excuses).

I ran 45.29 by my watch, having set myself a goal of running under 45 minutes. Although I knew I was lacking speed, I was confident I had the strength to hit a sensible pace and maintain it through, hopefully picking it up over the last 3km.

Rode the scooter in and got a great park on Hay Street. Cold riding in though and took me a while to re-warm up. I arrived at the assembly area around 7.45am and had enough time to go to the loo, listen to the most recent Morrissey album on my iPod and then watch the first few runners in the marathon come past before heading over to the bag drop off area.

The map of the starting precinct indicated that there would be a bag drop off for each category behind the marshalling pen for that category. Today, though the trucks were backed up within 20 metres of each other with the result that once the queue for each got longer than 10m they were all mixed together in a disorganised mess. The tags that were part of our numbers had to be sticky taped to the bags as they were not adhesive. Took me 20-25 minutes to drop my bag off and I got to the marshalling pen at 8.52am (8 minutes before the start). My warmup therefore consisted of me jogging up and down the pen a few times and then jogging to the start once we were "released" to go to the start.

Despite the intentions of the organisers to better separate the runners, the self selection system still resulted in a lot of people who IMO should not have been in the A category (including the bloke who was standing next to me at the start and started whooping and carrying on at the announcement there was 90 seconds to go until the start - ponytail and board shorts - enough said ...). Lots of kids - I think the kids under 16 at least should have to show some capacity to run sub 48 to get in that category.

Tried to make sure that I didn't start too quick with the plan being that I would check my pace at the first km marker and then work into it from there - run 3.40-3.45/km to 9km and try to crank it from there. Unfortunately, and this is my biggest gripe - there were no km markers anywhere on the course which made it impossible to pace yourself accurately.

Saw Simon at the top of King Park Road when he gave me a shout. Surprised to see him spectating rather than running. Hope there is no injury reason.

Just before the turn into Hay Street, I was passed by dual Olympian and 2006 Commonwealth Game silver medalist Sarah Jamieson but pretty soon I was running next to her and we had a quick chat. She asked what pace I thought we running at and I said hopefully 3.40-3.45 but really no idea. If someone of her quality and experience can't estimate pace without km markers, what hope do the rest of us have.

On the positive side though, lots and lots of enthusiastic volunteers on the drink stations (Hi Darcy - thanks for the cheer!!)

Sarah ran on ahead of me hoping to be first female home. We could see 2 in front of us and she passed them both but finished 2nd. Not surprised we couldn't see the winner - not only did she run around 41 I believe so way in front, but she was tiny.

I felt like I was maintaining a good pace without feeling comfortable enough to pick it up yet. Also getting a bit frustrated at the lack of km markers. If I was thinking clearly, I would have remembered that the 4km starts at Perry Lakes so I could have worked something out then. (Only just thought of that now ... ).

Got through Perry Lakes onto Oceanic Drive and thought 3kms to go, I can still do this. I ran strong for this last 3km or so and still thought I was on track when when we turned off Oceanic onto West Coast Highway as I assumed it would be about the same distance to the finish as it used to be when it finished on the oval. It wasn't.

About 400m to the finish during which time I was passed by two guys with about 200m to go. I let them go but then decided to show a bit of self respect and had a go to get back past them. Got past one but the other was gone. Unfortunately, the guy I passed went past me again with about 50m to go and that was that. 45.29 by my watch. Thanks for the shout out in that final stretch Sandgroper!!

Quite a long walk through to the bag pick up area where the truck had not yet turned up. Did some stretching and got talking to a couple of guys, one of whom was David Mulvee who won the 12km. He is English but living in Sydney. Ran 37 something (he didn't have a watch on)and starts his marathon specific training tomorrow for Fukuoka in December. He's trying to run sub 2.18 to qualify for European Championships. David thought the course was a bit long and Sugar tells me that he has "Map My Run" plotted it at 12.09km so an extra 90m (probably 17-20secs worth). I'd like to think that a proper length course and some km markers would have got me under 45mins but at the moment, I'm just p!ssed off with myself for a missed opportunity.

I felt like I was in so much better shape than 45.29

Bag pick up was a debacle as well. Trucks turned up at least an hour after the finish and there were no announcements, signage etc. By then there were literally thousands of runners trying to find their bags. There was a pile of yellow A category bags and as I was standing looking for my bag, a volunteer noticed my bib number and handed me my bag, so thanks very much to that thoughtful person!!

I know it a big event but the course length, marking and bag drop off and pickup have to be among the most important parts of any race (along with drink stations) so I'd have to give the organisers a fail on that basis. Not hard to fix though so hopefully they will take feedback on board and get it right in future. I'll certainly be sending them an email this week.

This week is 115km week for me with a medium long run on Tuesday, a lactate threshold run (45mins of quality running - its the workout I cocked up when Simon and I ran it a few weeks back) on Thursday and 35kms on Saturday. If I needed some motivation to lift my game a bit, I got it today.

If (like me), you need a laugh, check out this ad. It's my absolute favourite at the moment.

Congratulations to Epi and Sugar on their runs today. Epi ran a huge sub 3 hour PB in the marathon (2.57) and Sugar ran 43.36 in the 12km which was not only a big PB but should have got him right up there in the overall and age category placings. I know a lot of hard work has gone in to both of those performances so the results are very well deserved. Well done guys!!

Friday - 8.4km recovery run
Saturday - 5.64km easy run with 4 x 100 12km race pace strides
Sunday - 12.09km (grrrr) City to Surf 45.29

Edit - Rox thinks I am being a bit hard on myself. It was actually 7 min PB (although that was from 2007 in shocking conditions after I had been training for all of 4 months so a bit of soft PB)


1ST - Joel Kemboi 2:17:56 ($25,000 prize money)
2ND - Philip Muia 2:18:41 ($8000)
3RD - Gemechu Woyecha 2:19:07 ($5000)

1ST - Madga Karimali-Poulos 2:43:17 ($25,000)
2ND - Genet Kahsay 2:45:52 ($8000)
3RD - Helen Stanton 2:46:17 ($5000)

1ST - Shane Nankervis 1:05:51 ($3000)
2ND - Erwin McRae 1:06:36 ($1200
3RD - Josphat Mwangi 1:08:37 ($750)

1ST - Cassie Fien 1:15:59 ($3000)
2ND - Firehiwot Gebreyesus 1:21:27 ($1200)
3RD - Alison O'Toole 1:22:32 ($750)

1ST - Hollie Emery 0:41:54 ($2500)
2ND - Sarah Jamieson 0:43:06 ($1000)
3RD - Emily Loughnan 0:44:48 ($500)

1ST - David Mulvee 0:37:44 ($2500)
2ND - Rafael Baugh 0:37:56 ($1000)
3RD - Scott Tamblin $500 0:39:11 ($500)