"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knee on the mend (hopefully)

Lots of stretching and continuation of anti-inflammatories has seen a gradual but continual improvement in my knee. I aches a bit when I am running but not continually and doesn't seem to get bad enough for me to consider it actual pain.

Monday - recovery day.  Lots and lots of stretching.  I've found a good stretch which I do by leaning back over two high backless bar stools and basically letting the drag of gravity on my legs give me a good hip flexor stretch.

Tuesday - 12.8km in 56 mins (4.23/km pace).  Easy/moderate aerobic run.  Did a bit of a progression.  I'd passed a bloke on the city side of the river but he took the short route over the old Narrows Bridge so ended up about 400m or so ahead of me as we ran towards Mends Street.  Set myself a goal of catching him before I turned off at Hurlingham (he was taking the short path along the river too) and caught him with about 100m to spare.

Wednesday - Medium long run.  21.5km in 1hr 35mins (4.25/km pace).  Pretty chilly this morning so ran in Skins, long sleeves and beanie.  The aches in my knee came and went and came and went.  Windy alongside the Freeway but nice to have a bit of sunshine.  Yesterday and today, my knee wasn't stiff and sore after I stopped running which I think is a good sign of improvement.  I'm making sure I have a good stretch after I stop running too - something I often neglect given the need to get on with breakfast, shower, ironing shirt, making lunch etc before work.

Only bad bit about this morning was when I had my regular post long run Masters Edge drink.  Despite the fact that it was use by 21 December and was the third in a three pack of which the other two had been fine, this one had gone off.  Unfortunately I did not realise this until I had taken my first mouthful of what tasted like rancid cheese!! Gross ...

Recovery run tomorrow and expect I'll be wrapping up in the beanie etc again given the forecast cold night.

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