"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yasso 800s tomorrow

Forecast is fine for tomorrow (I think/hope). I'm scheduled for my second Yasso 800s session. I'll do a recovery run in the morning and get away from work early enough to get home to grab the car and get to the track for the session.

I'm going to shoot for an ambitious 2.40 average rep time and am going to slow my recovery jog down so that only do 400m rather the 500m in the 2.40 rest period.

This morning I did an easy 14.8km in 67mins (4.32/km pace).  It was pretty windy out there and I was still feeling some of Saturday's 35km in my legs.


Epi said...

Hi Biscuitman,

Are you planning on running at Perry Lakes?

I'm yet to run at the new stadium and was thinking of going down for some intervals tomorrow afternoon.

If you're interested in having someone trailing behind you, let me know what time

Biscuitman said...

yes - that's the plan. I hope to get there around 5.15pm (work dependent) but am a bit flexible if that doesn't suit you.

I don't know about trailing behind - you're in great form.

Epi said...

Sounds good.

I'll aim for 5:15, 5:30 at the latest

Clown said...

I may join you guys if I get a chance, if that's ok.

I'm scheduled for 5*600's so won't do the 800's as I don't want to put you to shame :)

Biscuitman said...

excellent - see you guys there!!

DC64 said...

May see y'all there later. 200's and 400's and maybe a couple of 800's for me though....