"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Monday, December 28, 2009

Slow and heavy

Yesterday's post was cut short as I was called to play Junior Monopoly with Sammie and Rox (Rox won) so didn't really get to finish off where I think I am at running wise at the moment.

My knee feels good, no pain when I run or afterwards although I am keeping up the ice after each run.  It's fantastic to be running pain and discomfort free.  I still have the hard bump/lump on my knee which I'll keep trying to reduce with the roller and a tennis ball.

I've managed to stack on a little bit of weight with my reduced program in recent weeks (about 5kgs) and that isn't really helping with my running efficiency.  It seems I need the regular runs over 20kms to keep my weight down where it needs to be.

Had a tumble on the bike yesterday.  One of the only roads I have to cross is Garrett Road which is not usually very busy at that time of the morning but yesterday I managed to time it just that I was halfway across the road on the median strip when two cars came around the roundabout.  Only my second ride back so a bit out of practice and I had slowed so much that I found it hard to unclip without throwing myself onto the road - which is where i ended up anyway as I failed to unclip before I slowly hit the deck.  Took a bit of skin off my left knee but the only real injury was to my pride.  I'm sure it afforded the passing motorists a bit of a laugh.

8.4km this morning in just under 38mins so nice and easy ... for the most part.  As I got just past the Wesley boat shed on the way back I ran past a guy who was out with his dog.  Although he was jogging along he was wearing jeans but he still took me going past him as an invitation to speed up in an attempt to run along next to me - in his jeans with his dog.  If it's not bad enough that I have become the jolly jogger, this was a step too far,  So I sped up, so he sped up, so I sped up etc.  By the time I dropped him I was getting along at about 10km race pace.  Rox thinks its hilarious and is sure it is going to end up on some hidden camera tv show.  I just think he was a w#nker ...

Intervals tomorrow.  Legs were a bit heavy after yesterday's run so hopefully they will be good tomorrow.

Rox's achilles seems to coming along, although its hard to tell as she has been pretty much immobile for 3-4 weeks now.  Not sure how she will be by the time we are due to go to Rottnest.  She has an appointment with a physio later this week to get her boot adjusted so we will know more after that.

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