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Monday, March 9, 2009

Racing flats

Rest day yesterday (Sunday)

I have been tossing up for some time now whether or not to get some racing flats to run Boston in. Training is going well and I feel like I am close to running sub 3hours (well, 2.59 anyway) so any assistance I can get could be the difference between achieving that goal or not.

I am pretty lucky in that I do not need a massive amount of motion control in my shoes and that biomechanically I think everything is going in the right direction when I run. I mentioned in an earlier post the two racing flats I was considering but when I went into Runner's World yesterday I went for something different.

I bought a pair of Asics Gel-Ohana Racers. I'm a US size 9 in Asics 2130s but needed to go to the US size 9.5 in the Ohanas. Weight 8.5 ounces compared to 12 ounces of the 2130s.

Can't find a bad word about them on all the reviews I have found apart from the fact that Asics have now discontinued them (replaced with the Gel-Bandito). Got them for a great price. Runner's World seemed to have a good stock of them.

Monday (today) Took them out for spin this morning. Did the same run with Rox as we did last week ie ran with her for the first 15 minutes (approx 2.5km) then continued on by myself. Wore my heart rate monitor just for a change. Heart rate was about 116 when running with Rox and averaged 141 for the whole run which was 12.73km in 60 minutes again. My heart rate got up around 156 at a couple of points and I figure I was running around 4.30 pace. Supposed to be an easy run and I wasn't pushing at all. Glad took a rest day yesterday as legs didn't feel super fresh but think they will be better for this morning's run. Was a pretty big week last week at around 116km with three pretty hard sessions.

Very happy with how the shoes went this morning. Really comfortable and obviously light, but still plenty of support and while I can feel that they don't have as much cushioning as the 2130s, it feels sufficient. Plan is to do a few more training runs in them over the next couple of weeks including at least 1 longer run. I won't wear them for the Darlington Half due to the trail section in that race but plan to wear them for the Bridges 10km. I still have another pair of 2130s in the box that will come out in the next few weeks so I am sorted for my race shoes either way.

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