"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday/Wednesday update

Decided to take things down a notch this week. Last week was a pretty intense week for me and with another interval session scheduled for next week as well as the Darlington Half Marathon, a week with too much speed work this week would make it three intense weeks in a row. I don't want to peak too soon, so thought it wise to take a step back this week, keep the mileage up but back off the speed a little.

Yesterday (Tuesday) - ran 23.5km in 1 hour 47 minutes (4.33/km pace). Nice morning for running. Ran out to Matilda Bay and then back home via the Causeway and the Marathon Club. Saw Sugar and Sas coming the other way over between the big flagpole and the big wheel. Ran pretty steady and finished strong. Didn't take too much out of me at all and commented to Rox that 23.5km feels like 12.5km used to feel. Bit of a soak in a cold swimming pool yesterday afternoon was very relaxing.

Entered the Bridges 10km which is being held on April 5. Really hoping for a PB in this one and have set 38.20 as my goal (38.58 is my PB). In a comparative performance table in Alberto Salazar's Guide to Road Racing, a 38.20 compares to a 2.58.54 marathon while McMillan's calculator has it as 2.59.54. Meeting that goal would give me a lot of confidence going into Boston, especially on the back of the longer hlly runs I have been getting in lately.

Today (Wednesday) - nice and easy recovery run. In what has become monotonously boring in some respects, but reassuring in others, I ran my 8.5km largely on grass on 48 minutes with an average HR of 129. Seems that this run always works out to 47-49 mins with HR beween 127-131. Good to monitor this to make sure I am not overtraining at this late-ish stage of my preparation.

Saw Simon out there near the Narrows, he was running a bit quicker than me but a bit slower than we normally run so he must have been just out for an easy run. We are running together tomorrow morning so it will be good to catch up with how his training is going.

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