"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easy recovery run

Took it very easy this morning. 8.5km in 49 minutes, average HR 128. Saw Sugar and Sas near Mends Street. They were heading towards me at about twice the pace I was going. My legs felt a bit hammered this morning but a lot better after my run.

Relaxing day, Rox and I saw "Watchmen" (think I enjoyed it more than her but that makes it 1-1 after we went to "He's Just Not That Into You" last week ... ). Watchmen was brilliant, although Rorschach would have to be one of the most disturbing (and disturbed) characters I have seen for on film for a long time. Also saw the trailer for the new Star Trek movie which looks great - can't wait for that one.

Skipped afternoon recovery run as it just didn't fit in with our plans as the kids had swimming lessons. Took the opportunity to soak in the spa part of the pool while Sammie had her lesson so think that aided my recovery.

Still planning on 18.5km easy tomorrow but will see how I go when I get out there.

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