"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No news = bad news

I was holding off on posting until I could post something positive but ... this morning's run was a definite candidate for crappiest run ever.

I didn't get to the track for my workout after work on Tuesday.  I was stuck at work until 5.45pm so by the time I got home it was after 6pm ... too late to get to the track.

I substituted it on Wednesday morning with a workout I have done a few times before, Carmichael Training Systems/Powerbar audio tempo interval workout.  4mins, 6mins, 8mins, 10mins, 12mins with 2mins easy recovery.  10 min warm up inc 4 strides and 10 min warm down. 

I could feel my rib basically every stride but it was uncomfortable/discomfort rather than pain (probably about a 3 out of 10). More worrying was a tightness in my lower right leg, between the calf and the achilles. It impacted on the "power" in my stride as it was hard to push off. Actually it was more like it had trouble absorbing landing in time to push off again.

Pushed on with the workout and ran tempo effort and all up the run was 18.1km in 1 hour 16 mins so I would estimate that the tempo parts were around the correct pace.

Today's (Thursday)workout however was crap. Rib still sore, maybe slightly more so although the tenderness is more localised on a smaller spot. The tightness in my leg was still there, also slightly worse. Not sure if it is strain/knock from accident or has been caused but maybe a slight alteration in my gait due to trying to limit movement over my ribs.

Not pain in my leg but a sort of strained tightness and a result no power in my stride. I can feel it now if scrunch up my toes and I can't seem to find a stretch that isolates it (calf stretches, raises or drops don't do it).

I was down to do 24-25km but that was when my speed session was to have occurred on the Tuesday so I cut it back. I would have run 21.5km but a combination of my rib, leg, the sh!t weather (completely sick of it) and feeling sorry for myself meant that I just did a basic 18.4km long bridges loop and as mentioned found a candiate for the most crappiest run ever. 18.4km in 1 hour 27 mins (4.44/km pace).

So not happy and a little worried. Very gentle recovery run tomorrow but I am not confident that Saturday's long run is going to be a success.

Anyone want to buy a scooter?


Epi said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Plent of time, plenty of form, you are going to own Rotto

Jen Feeny said...

Take it easy killer!!! You need to let that body recover from that impact!!!! Hope you get to feeling 100% again.

DC64 said...

You can afford a few rough ones - you're in pain so running isn't going to be easy. I've had a couple of cracked ribs before, they're nasty. Also you're probably in a little bit of shock as well ; it's quite a thing that happened and you will be mentally and physically at a bit of a low ebb right now... but Epi's spot on. Try to go easy and let yourself recover. No thanks on the scooter, BTW.