"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Update including long run

Thursday - ran with Simon. We met down near Causeway then ran clockwise around the Bridges. For me, this meant I doubled up on the section from Hurlingham Rd to the Causeway and back. We ran over the old Narrows rather than the new due to some work being done on the path but I still estimate this run was around 16km for me. 1 hour 5 mins which is pretty quick for an easy aerobic run, more like a steady state run. I started off slower when heading down to the Causeway so reckon we must have been hitting close to 4 min/km pace for the Bridges loop. I continued on to run hard including up the hill on Banksia Tce. Certainly knew that I had been for a run afterwards but felt strong to the finish.

Friday - easy recovery run. Back on the grass, nice easy heart rate under 130 pretty much all the way and averaged 128 for the 8.4kms

Saturday - ran the same run as the last couple of weeks but added 16 mins (8mins then turn around) into Maylands after I had crossed the Windan Bridge. Felt a bit heavy today, maybe some after effects from Thursday's run so didn't run as hard for the last 15 mins as I have previously but still worked the hills on the way home through South Perth and Kensington. 1 hour 52 mins for what I estimate is about 24kms so a good solid run. Have spent the afternoon reading the July/August issue of Running Times which is excellent. Had a good laugh at a line on page 26:

"The first miles of the Boston marathon often look like Monty Python's 'Marathon for the Incontinent' as dozens of runners dash into the woods for relief. Humourous, but a sign of properly prepared athletes".

There is also great article called "Into Thin Air: Marathon Training Tweaks to Reach New Heights"

Rest day tomorrow. I am going to redo my marathon training schedule for Rottnest. There is not enough regularity in it and with going back to work, I think I am going to need a bit more structure ie Speedwork on Mondays, Tempo Thursdays, Long Run Saturdays pretty much every week although I may shift the long run to Sundays for the last few weeks once the junior soccer season concludes.

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