"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Friday, June 26, 2009

Still going well

Wednesday - easy 8.4km recovery run in foul conditions. I even wore a rain jacket for this one and pulled the hood up for a bit. The "rustle, rustle" of the hood in your ears as you are running is pretty much unbearable though so that didn't last long. Can't remember the time or my heart rate (think it was 131) but it was all within the bounds of normality. Glad to get it out the way and into a hot shower afterwards.

Thursday - 16km with Simon. Ran the Bridges after running down for our meet at the Causeway. A pretty stiff SW wind made it pretty heavy going when running towards the Narrows (x2) so I was pleased with an overall 68 minutes for this run (4.15/km).

Watched a good doco on National Geographic Adventure channel last night, "Running the Sahara - Beyond the Expedition". Basically a "making of" doc about the film "Running the Sahara". The film looks fantastic so will definitely make an effort to see it somehow. Matt Damon was the Executive Producer and he commented in an interview in the doco that he does a bit of running but had said to Charlie Engle (one of the ultra runners) that he couldn't run more than 12 miles without breaking down. Charlie's response was that "You just need to re-configure your relationship with pain". Classic. http://runningthesahara.com/

Friday (today) - 8.2km recovery run. Ran the last 3km with Rox. 49 minutes - average HR 120 something. Did 8 x hill sprints to finish. Nice conditions for running, no wind at all. I hope it is like that next Sunday for the Perth Relay Marathon. We have our team together consisting of Sugar, Sandgroper, Niddy and me. If we all run well I think we should be pretty competitive and it should be a fun day. It will be great to get a run in and be able to watch and cheer for the marathon runners as well. I think I would be very envious if I was just watching and not running at all (like last Sunday at the half marathon).

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DC64 said...

Sweet Niddy Danger Biscuits! would be a great team name ( the announcer was confused with 'Going to Boston', imagine his consternation if faced with that one ) .... Biscuitboys is probably more sensible though.