"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another day ... another lunchtime update

Another quick update as I have just finished my lunch at my desk. We don't have a lunch room so not many options when the weather is like it is today. I have been bringing my lunch in every day which has been cheap and healthy. Still have the same $20 note that I nicked off Rox at the start of the week in my wallet. I have a pretty substantial packed lunch worked out now including tuna, bread, fruit, yogurt. Only downside is that my lunchbox is the size of a small suitcase :-)

Anyway, pretty windy today for 8.4km recovery run in 48 minutes. Didn't wear HRM, couldn't see the point in the wind as effort levels were going to be all over the place. Didn't get wet which was a bonus.

Yesterday, met up with Simon at Burswood for our Bridges loop. Bit longer this week for me as we met at Burswood and then did the new Narrows rather than the old. Around 17 kms in 1hr 11mins for me which is around 4.10km pace I think. We hit some windy patches, especially coming back over the Causeway not helped by a couple of trucks, one in particular which nearly blew me backwards. Another solid workout. I really think that runs of this type are a cornerstone to being able to run relaxed but under my lactate threshold through the early and mid stages of the marathon (based on experience of Boston at least). Saw Kim "the lighthouse" as we running past the boatshed near the bell tower. Managed to call out hello this time so progress!

Wednesday, recovery run. Met Rox towards the end and we ran the last km together. I have been doing short 8 sec hill sprints at the end of my recovery runs based on Brad Hudson training philosophy. Started off with 1 or 2 and have built up to 6 as of this week although I only did 5 this morning as felt a slight twinge in my left quad on the fifth one and didn't think it was worth risking anything for one more sprint.

27km long run tomorrow. I think I will do this as a progression/faster finish for the last 12.45km dependent on the wind. If it is too strong in my face, I'll just do a solid effort but I wouldn't mind running hard as I am a bit disapoointed that I am not running the Perth half marathon on Sunday so need to burn off the frustration.

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