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Friday, April 10, 2009

VO2 Max - last hard workout

Almost didn't do this one, was in two minds and Rox convinced me that it was the last one and should stick with the program. Pfitzinger hasn't let me down yet so there was some wisdom in that. Today was 12.8km with 3 x 1600m @ 5km pace (ie 5:50 mins effort), jog 2 mins between.

Ran on time and perceived effort rather than distance as didn't want to go to the track and didn't have a 1600m measured stretch. 15 minute warm up and then found the first interval quite hard at first but settled into good rhythm. Second interval was easier going. Took a long jog break between second and third intervals, not because I really needed to but because it would have included running over the Narrows and I wanted to keep the intervals on the flat today.

Might get onto Map My Run later and see what sort of distances I covered during each of the intervals [1.67km in 5.51, 1.63 in 5.58, 1.67 in 6.14 - all approximate]. All up 12.72km in 54.56 which is around 4.19/km pace but obviously ran considerably quicker and slower than that over the course of the run. Glad I did it, still 10 days to go so plenty of time to recover and rest. I always find after a few hard runs that running back at my marathon pace seems easier so hopefully this will carry through to the 20th.

Both the kids have colds so am a bit worried about picking one up but not much I can do about it.

Recovery run tomorrow.

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