"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lord of the Idiots

Saturday - didn't run. 

Sunday - was entered in the Fremantle Fun Run 10km but was unable to race due to ITB issue.  Seemed like fantastic conditions weather wise so hope it was good down in Freo for those running.

Having had a day off, I decided that I would try to get through an easy 27km run.  Although I had been forced to stop and walk on Friday, I was hoping that was a one off and that I would be able to get though a longer run as I had the Sunday before.

Knee was OK when I started but got progessively worse to the extent that I had to stop at the Marathon Club (after about 3.5km) and do the walk of shame home.

No running for me until after Tuesday's sport doctor visit and then only after the doc says I should run so probably the end of the week at the absolute earliest.  If necessary, I won't run at all until the marathon on the 18th but I hope that I will be able to run a bit earlier than that.  I think I am going to have to give this inflammation the maximum opportunity to settle down and stop stirring it up by continuing running.

Really p!ssed off at the moment.  Think I definitely would have run a PB this morning but more importantly (disappointingly) I think there is a pretty good chance that 5 months of getting up at 5.45-6am and the associated hard training have gone down the sh!tter.  Not to mention the approx $1000 spent on accommodation, ferry fares and race entry for Rotto.

Would be nice to get some good news on Tuesday but I'm not really that confident.  If there was a suitable location nearbly (Blackwall Reach maybe?), I would be recreating the last scene of Quadrophenia with the scooter which was undoubtedly the cause of this problem and which I felt like kicking the sh!t out of when I got back from my "walk" this morning.


trailblazer777 said...

I felt similiar after my ankle explosion in the Melbourne marathon last year. Ive heard of people using a Patt strap for ITB issues, and Dave Kennedy has some good ITB stretches I think. Hope you have a good **SPORTS** doctor...Sportsmed or Excel, or WAIS people are the way to go. Hope you can get the problem sorted, cos the form is there, and it would be a shame to waste it. All the best with that, and with finding the positives, maybe a punching bag or a big toy cat to kick will help...turn the negatives into some positives...

Clown said...

Know where you're coming from, mine used to come on about 2.5km -3km into my run when I first got it.

I swear by the pattstrap, a strap you wear about 2-3 inches above the knee. I wear mine now on both legs all the time and never have issues. Delivery normally takes about a week, unfort I don't have any spare ones otherwise I'd give you one.


Good itb stretch is pushing into the wall with your left arm and pushing out with your right leg, right leg to be behind the left and then vice versa.

Deep tissue massage , foam roller or rolling pin works a treat.

Let us know if you want any further info.

If you get on top of it quickly which you are, it can get sorted pretty quickly and you can still do Rotto.

Biscuitman said...

thanks guys. TB - I'm going to Sportsmed Subiaco.

Clown - I've ordered one, just hope it gets here in time.

Epi said...

Biscuitman -

I've got a Patstrap which Clown gave me earlier in the year when he made a bulk order - unused and you're welcome to it.

It also worked wonders for me a couple of years ago (after the steroid injection wore off)

Just let me know how to get it to you

Biscuitman said...

Thanks Epi. That's very generous. I have tomorrow (Tuesday) off work to go to my appointments (Oesteopath and Dr) so could pick it up from you if a)you get this message and b0 if that suits you.

Let me know. I think I know where you work from when we spoke at the Gwelup Fun Run earlier in the year.

Simon Elliott said...

btw - are you looking forward to Barry Hall?!