"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm officially over this weather

Stuff the farmers and the water restrictions etc - stop with the wind and the rain!!

No, that didn't help ...

Anyway, out at 6am this morning for my medium long run on a different course as I was fairly sure that the path alongside the Burswood golf course and near Trinity College would be flooded. I ran out to the Narrows on the South Perth side, over the new Narrows bridge, out to Matilda Bay and then back on the city side, over the Causeway and home. 21.37km in 1 hour 42 mins total.

Total time included a stop for a brief chat with Sugar, Kim and Kate at Mends Street. They had just finished their run so they must have made a very early start. Too early to even find a cafe open for a post run coffee at that time surely??

Also stopped for a brief pit stop at Matilda Bay so given the conditions and the fact that I ran very easily, I'm pretty happy to have got this run done in the time that I did. Didn't get too wet but running into the wind gets a bit tedious and I always feel like I'm not getting enough "bang for my buck" when there is a big tailwind (ie not getting the full benefit of being out there for a run). Hence my rant about the weather.

Getting a bit excited about Sunday. Forecast is for showers developing but that should be well after we have run and with no rain forecast in the days before, hopefully the course should be nice and dry.


Sandgroper73 said...

I hope your thinking old Sangroper is goign to be movign very quickly, I was thinking of jogging.

Biscuitman said...

I was hoping Sandgroper was going to be burning up the course actually!!

Are you going to want a lift back to the start or to the 1st/2nd relay exchange point after your run?

CharisK said...

Nice to see you out there this morning. Wasn't it a nice little breeze! Felt like running on the spot. Please, please let it be nothing like this on Sunday.

trailblazer777 said...

be nice to see some fine ish weather on Sunday. Mind you sometimes you run faster in the wet, that hot shower at the end is a good motivater. Way Cool blog! like the countdown clock, and I got a copy of Running Times the other day actually good mag. Massive Congratulations on the sub 3 at Boston!

Sandgroper73 said...

I will not be burning up the track at all, more liking gentley warming the track. I am going to run back to where I started to get my long run in.

Clown said...

The weather did suck earlier on in the week, but looking great for Sunday.

All the best in the relay, hopefully we can all catch up afterwards if I'm not dying somewhere.