"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update (including today's long run)

Been a bit slack on the blogging so time for an update:

Thursday 26 February - ran with Simon as per the first run we did (long bridges + extra). 24.55km in 1 hour 50 minutes (4.28/km). Obviously ran quicker with Simon than I did on my own so would guess that the 18km we ran together was at around 4.15/pace, whic is my marathon pace. All pretty flat though and I need to get the hills in before Boston (more on that below). Really enjoyable run and very encouraging to be running at around 4.15/km and still being able to converse.

Friday 27 February - recovery run. Creature of habit so 8.5km in 48 minutes. HR average 127. Nothing remarkable here but happy that not seeing any increase in heart rate on these really easy runs which indicates that I am not overtraining.

Saturday 28 February (today) - headed out nice and early with ran from Zamia Cafe in Kings Park to City Beach via going around the bridges and a loop in King's Park with Sugar, Sandgroper, Sas (and E for the first 10km). Rode the scooter for the 6.15am meet at Zamia which was interesting, especially in the park where it was still pitch black on arrival. Felt really comfortable on the flat sections and gentle inclines but felt like I was having to work a bit too hard on the bigger up hills especially along Oceanic Drive towards the end (one positive - I think it made up my mind that I won't run the City to Surf marathon). Been reading a fair bit about the Boston course which has reinforced that I need to use the next 3-4 weeks to get in some hills, both uphill and importantly downhill. Alway felt like I was a reasonable downhill runner so don't want to neglect that and then regret it.

Finished up with a soak of the legs in the ocean at City Beach before a cold shower and then a nice breakfast and a chat at the Mediterraneo cafe. Sas gave me a lift back to Zamia and the scooter. All very enjoyable and much more fun than running alone. Really appreciate these guys including me in their runs as it has given my training a terrific boost.

2 hours 21 minutes running time. Sugar has it as 30.45km at 4.39/km average ( we ran on a bit at the end to get the run over the 30km mark). Pulled up ok and think I will take my rest day tomorrow as we have a family celebration breakfast to attend. Yasso 800s session scheduled for Tuesday will possibly come forward to Monday although I might do an easy 12-13km on Monday and then stick to the schedule. Rain forecast for Monday morning and might be more sensible to go for an easy steady pace run in the rain than a lengthy and hard interval session.

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