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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I forgot to say and answers to questions

Hey, thanks to everyone who is reading this blog and those who are posting comments. I'm not sure how to respond to comments directly so I guess it is just easier to include it in a post.

First though a couple of things I meant to say but forgot.

Registration for the Boston Marathon has closed. It looks like there are 34 Australian residents registered with 5 from WA. If you follow this link and enter Australia in the country of residence, you can bring up the full list.


Rottnest - I looked at the map of the Rottnest marathon course again and realised that I was actually running it backwards. So what I thought was (and ran as) a big uphill, is actually a big downhill. Don't know if I will run Rottnest (one thing at a time is probably wiser) but it is not as daunting as I thought now.

In response to the comments on my last post, yes I have been going out on my morning runs without eating. I always run from home so no travel time for digestion. I used to drink a "Zu" energy drink (Coles brand energy drink, basically a poor man's Red Bull) before any run of longer than an hour but have got a bit slack since we got back from Rottnest. It has the caffeine as recommended so I think I will reinstitute this and maybe a banana as well. Thanks for the tip!!

My favourite gels and the ones I use are either Accel Gel (made by the same people who make Accelerade) which has a 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein. I use the Strawberry Kiwi flavour. Accel gel can be a bit hard to get hold of. There is fitness supplement shop in the city that sells them (below Woolies in Forrest Chase) but the last ones I got from there were out of date (I think they were the same batch as the ones I used in the Perth Marathon) so most recently, I have bought a box of 24 by mail order from the eastern states which was also slightly cheaper.

I also use the Powerade gels that you can get at Coles but only the Strawberry Banana flavour - the Chocolate flavour is revolting and clags up your mouth like glue. No protein in these ones. I find they tend to give a quicker energy boost but don't feel like it sustains as well as the Accel Gel but that is only my impression.

The program I am following is the 18 week up to 70 miles a week program in Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas' "Advanced Marathoning". I followed the 24 week up to 70 mile program before the Perth Marathon. This time I added a couple of weeks to the 18 week program and am substituting a few workouts from Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald's "Run faster from the 5k to the marathon". You can get the Pfitzinger and Douglas book at Borders but a new edition has just been released and I am not sure they have it yet. You can get both books at a good price on Amazon. I can't recommend "Advanced Marathoning" highly enough. I'm sure it is why I got myself in shape to qualify for Boston.

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Simon Elliott said...

Thanks for the information. I'm using a program based on the book 'SERIOUS training for endurance athletes'. It's based on an acronym for serious: speedwork, endurance, race/pace, intervals, overdistance, uphill and strength. It's a little complicated but basically the full year's load is broken into 13 4-week blocks which each have different proportions of some of those training elements according to the phase you're in (base/intensity/peak/racing/recovery). It rings with some of the stuff McMillan has picked up with training at efforts according to the sessions you're running. It's been great in the past...we'll see.

Btw - the best way to respond to comments can be to post one yourself.