"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

35.2km long run tops off a 131km week

Phew - that was a big week. Topping 130kms with a race and a tempo run included meant that I was pretty tired by the time I had 8-10km to go today. I was able to maintain a steady pace though and still had enough in the legs to push it a bit up the final hill (not a Sandgroper sprint but not bad after 35k).

Just going back to last week's race and the pace I was able to run at, I found this quote on Nate Jenkins’ Running Times blog. Pretty much sums up my race on Sunday so it’s reassuring to know it’s nothing unusual:

“To quote 2:15 man Pat Moulton ‘have you noticed when your training hard and you race, that you run half marathon pace in the 5k, half marathon pace in the 10k. The only thing that changes is the effort’.”

A couple of running purchases this week to report on. I bought a Sugoi Helium jacket at the Running Centre just in time for Thursday's run in the rain. Fits perfectly and is extremely light. Not sure about the water resistant performance though as I got up too much of a sweat in the humid conditions that by the time it had rained my shirt was wet and I'm not sure if it was rain or sweat. Did a good job of keeping the wind off though.

Also got a Sugoi tech training shirt. Wore it on my long run this morning. It is very light and thin and didn't get too weighted down with sweat. I forgot to put Body Glide on my nipples and they didn't get too sore by the end (no bleeding or chafing) so that was very handy.

At the end of last football season, the parents of the palyers gave me a $90 Rebel Sport voucher. I have decided that the Brooks Adrenaline are not up to a long run for me, still getting numbness in the midfoot of my left foot, so used to voucher to help pay for a pair of Asics 2150s. I hope they are as good as the 2130s which are my favourite training shoe of recent years. I am on to my last pair of 2130s now and can't find any more in my size (US 9) anywhere.

This week (lifted from Strands):

Monday:  Straight back into it. Up early and out on a cool and perfect morning for running.  25.1km in 1 hour 50 mins (4.22/km pace).

Did the out to Peninsula Golf Course and back around the Bridges run that I have done a couple of times recently. Today’s pace was in between the quicker pace I ran this at with Simon and the slower pace I ran this at by myself last week.

This is a pretty big week for me and I think I will get pretty close to 120km this week by the time I have finished my long run on Saturday.

Tuesday: Easy recovery run on a cold, clear morning. Saw my brother in law Garry out there but going in the opposite direction.

8.6km in 38.57 (4.31/km pace)

Ran a bit quicker than normal for a recovery run – felt pretty fresh and also was taking the Saucony Fasttwitches out for a spin. Felt fantastic straight out of the box and really good while running. Good support for such a light shoe – very different from the Green Silence. I think that these will be my GC Marathon shoes.

 Wednesday - Maylands Tempo Run. Haven’t done this for a few weeks and conscious that Sunday’s 14.5km was basically a tempo run, I set out to run this controlled but making sure I did not flog myself.

I think I achieved this – particularly pleased with the 7.29 for the last 2km. Was not overly tired at the end and just ran on.  31.09 for 8km tempo.

Not sure how this compares to the last time I did this run, I’ll need to go back and look but it felt good (was actually 30.59 last time so 10 secs quicker than this effort - but I think it was more than 10 secs harder effort to achieve it last time if that makes sense).
Wore the Saucony Fastwitch – magic shoe!!
Activity Reps Distance Duration Pace

Warm Up 1 x 4100.04.1 km 00:19:00 4:38 min/km

Tempo Run 1 x 2000.02.0 km 00:07:50 3:55 min/km

Tempo Run 1 x 2000.02.0 km 00:07:59 3:59 min/km

Tempo Run 1 x 2000.02.0 km 00:07:51 3:55 min/km

Tempo Run 1 x 2000.02.0 km 00:07:29 3:44 min/km

Cool Down 1 x 4100.04.1 km 00:19:00 4:38 min/km

1 hour 9 mins for 16.2km all up
Thursday: Pretty heavy week continued this morning with a medium long run with Clown. After some very heavy rain overnight, it wasn't too bad while were out there - a bit of drizzle and a couple of heavy showers.
Tried out new Sugoi Helium jacket that I got from the Running Centre. Certainly more breathable than jackets I have worn in the past (and lighter) but still got up a bit of a sweat early on befroe the heavy rain came. Then I wasn't sure if it was keeping me dry or not because my shirt underneath was soaked in sweat already.
We ran at a pretty good pace - I had already been running at a similar pace to get to the meet point on time. Comfortable enough that we had a good chat especially about Rob's Boston experience. Pit stops for each of us at different times. Luckily plenty of facilities en route. I am up to 89.5km this week (Sunday to Thursday) so with an 8.6km recovery tomorrow and then 35k I will crack the 130k mark this week. I am feeling it a little bit. Not so much when I am running but after my shower this morning, it was all I could do not to slip back under the doona and go to sleep. Instead it was suit on and off to work :-(
25.1km in 1 hour 49 mins (4.20/km pace)
Friday - Recovery run to Mends Street and back. No feeling that flash today – fighting off a bit of head cold and its associated headache. Kept it a bit shorter and pretty easy this morning.

6.2km in 31 mins (5.00/km pace).

Hopefully will be feeling better tomorrow morning as I have a 35km long run scheduled

Saturday (today): Long run on what was a perfect day for it – hard to imagine a nicer morning. About 8 degrees C, sunny and only the hint of a breeze.

I added a measured 3km loop around Ascot Park racecourse to my 32.2k run to give me 35.2k all up. 2 hours 44 mins (4.39/km pace).

Not great pace but at the end of a big week I was happy to get through it spending some time on my feet. No pit stops so apart from 2 × 1 min gel stops, this was 2:44 of continual running.

Rest day tomorrow and then back into it on Monday.

Head cold seems to be on the way out so hopefully by Monday I’ll be 100% again