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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another small step

Sunday - 2km warm up, 4 x 1km @ MP, 2km warm down. (3.56/3.53/3.58/3.58). Deliberately eased off on the last 2 but still ran quicker than MP. First and third reps into the wind.  Knee discomfort solely in the tendon rather than the deep pain from before.

Huge congrats to Simon for his 2.48 at the Melbourne Marathon.  I got a text from him in which he said he was on 2.42 pace until severe stomach cramps at 27km.  Great first marathon which should easily place him in the first corral at Boston next year.

Was able to find TB in the results (4.11 - which I think is his best for a while) but not Clown so hope that is just a technical glitch and not because of anything else.

Missed the half marathon champs as we were kid-free so went to a movie but I see Dathan Ritzenhein ran 60 flat for third place.  Have to try to find some video of that.


DC64 said...

Good to hear ; you still have 6 days to let this heal so you'll be raring to go, come Sunday. Great run (other) Simon - sub-4 minute pace for a marathon is a pretty handy debut. Tried to watch the half-marathon champs, but 'not available in your area' was a problem... and I can't find the Melb Mara results anywhere ; I must be simple.

Biscuitman said...

Melbourne marathon website seems to be having a few problems at the moment.

Common with Universal Sports that you can watch the live streaming but the "on demand" including the highlights is not available in Australia.

I was able to watch the Chicago Marathon last night -1C at the start!!

nick ward said...

Big Congrats to Simon E. for running 2.48 in his first marathon.
Massive effort!
Although pls pass on from me given his ability he probably should have run this time 20 years ago and should be running at least 2.18by now!
Nick Ward