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Monday, August 17, 2009

Belated long run update.

Here is a better late than never post on Saturday's long run. I have had trouble getting onto the computer lately. Sammie has found some games she likes and has been monopolising it a bit.

Went out a bit later than normal on Saturday morning for my long run. We had a bad night with Sammie with lots of coughing. Rox took her to the Doctor on Saturday morning and as we suspected, she has croup. Ben had it a bit when he was small (younger than Sammie) but she has been pretty good (perhaps one minor case before). As a result we had got rid of the vaporiser that we had when Ben was young, so we had to improvise with turning the shower on hot and filling the bathroom with steam to give Sammie some relief. Rox ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor in Sammie's room as we were worried about her breathing.

She has been given some steroids and we have borrowed a vaporiser and she seems to be on the mend.

When I got out on Saturday morning, the early rain had gone but there were still very strong SW winds (40km/hr) about. Very gusty too. I knew that the paths through Burswood, Maylands and East Perth would be pretty flooded so decided that my 29km with 19km @ marathon pace workout would consist of:
Run to Narrows and back to Mends Street = 5.17km
2 x Bridges loops (clockwise using old Narrows 9.58km + 9.58km) = 19.16km
Run to Narrows and back to home = 5.17km
Total 29.5km

The run towards the Narrows gave me some indication of how hard it was going to be running into the wind. I decided to go clockwise to try and get some benefit from some shelter from the wind on the South Perth side as well as not having to run into the wind going over the Bridges.

On the first lap, I missed taking an intermediate split once I got off the Causeway before starting into the wind (mustn't have pressed the button hard enough) but recall that it was 22 mins and change so I was running under 4min/km pace to there. Finished the first 9.58km loop in 38.30 (4.01/km pace) so I think I was probably running 3.50/km pace for the first bit as there were times running into the wind when it picked up and almost brought me to a stop.

I took a gel on run as I was heading towards the Narrows on the second lap and washed it down with some water from a drink fountain. I think I was a bit slow on this bit. Picked it up again after the gel and this time took an intermediate split at about 5.9km which was 24.11 (4.05/km) for that lap so far. I finished the 2 laps in 1 hour 18 mins and 21 secs which was nearly 2 mins outside the goal I had set for myself of 1 hour 16 mins 38 secs. The last part of the second lap took 15.39 which was 4.15/km pace. 2nd lap was 39.50 at 4.09/km pace.

All up for marathon pace segment - 19.16km @ 4.05/km pace. Close to what I wanted to run and I am sure that without the wind I would have achieved the target for that workout. Total running time for the 29.5km was 2 hours and 9 mins (4.22/km pace).

A little bit disappointed to have missed my target but I was pretty sure I was going to miss it once I realised how hard it was going to be running into the wind. I'm actually quite encouraged by how close I did get in the conditions (although I don't know how I could run another 23km at that pace - in fact I know I couldn't at the moment. Guess that is what the next few weeks and the taper are for).

Rest day Sunday. Worryingly, I seem to have a little niggle behind my left knee. Don't know where it came from as it wasn't there Saturday. I suspect I may have stretched a little far suddenly while warming up the kids for soccer when one kicked the ball a bit wide of me. It's a bit intermittent but I didn't notice it while running this morning which I think is a good sign that it is not running related.

This morning (Monday) I did a 14.8km general aerobic/easy run in 1 hour 5 mins (4.23/km pace). Got wet in last 10-15 mins but it was actually refreshing as it was fairly humid early on and I had made the mistake of wearing a long sleeve top.

Yasso 800s session tomorrow - the 2nd of my big 4 track workout for this training segment. I will be doing them at the new track but in a change from my normal routine I will do them in the evening after work.

Sammie has kindy tomorrow and they have recently started telling news. The first week they had to take their favourite photo, the second week, something from the garden. This week they have to take something that makes them happy and Sammie says that she wants to take me! I think that is worth re-scheduling a workout for.

The plan for tomorrow's workout is to run the 800s in 2.45 each with 2.45 active (ie jog) recovery. This is the pace I did them at a bit later in my program in the lead up to Boston. If all goes to plan, I will try for 2.40s when I repeat the session in a few weeks.

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Simon Elliott said...

Hey, that's a mighty effort! I ran earlier on Saturday morning (7.30-10.30am) and it was feral. Nothing like getting whipped with beer froth beside the freeway as your running towards Canning Bridge beside the freeway. Even more clever was that I took the long way to Fremantle (~38km) and managed to enjoy/fight a headwind all the way. Some runs are worth more than others for sure...this one was worth plenty.

To run those kind of splits in those conditions (even if they'd eased, they were still pretty nasty) is a blimmin' top effort. Nice work.