"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dolphin spotting this morning

Saw a dolphin while out fro my run this morning - just up from the old Swan Brewery towards UWA. Only about 2-3 metres away from the river wall, just swimming along on the surface making the most of the sun and what was a nice cooling breeze - finally!!!!

Update on this week:
Monday - a much enjoyed rest day. Did a weigh in but no need to report it other than to say no change yet again. I am now an alcohol free zone. Have to do something to try and kick start some weight loss.

Tuesday AM - 8.48km recovery run in 46 minutes - on grass where possible. Oppressively hot and actually ran without a shirt on - steady girls!!
Tuesday PM - 6.62km recovery run in 34 minutes. Again it was pretty hot but there was bit of a sea breeze. Took both runs very easy.

Wednesday (today) - ran 23.37km. Did my UWA run but added a bit on around Matilda Bay to give me the extra 1.5km or so that I needed to get over 23km. 1hour 48 minutes which works out at 4 mins 37 secs per km which I am pretty happy with. Felt terrible after approx 30 mins of running and had to stop for a drink and took the one gel I had with me. Bit of a cold sweat and wobbly legs. The gel seemed to do the trick though and I didn't notice not having one later in the run so all worked out. Might have to consider eating something (powerbar perhaps) or taking a gel before a run if it happens again. Had a decent dinner of chicken and rice last night so shouldn't have been short on carbs.

Still working out what to do for the rest of the week. Scheduled for a recovery run tomorrow before a ladder interval session on Friday, recovery Saturday and 32km on Sunday. Complicating factor is Ben's triathlon on Sunday morning which will result in me running in the middle of the day which I don't fancy. If I move my long run to Saturday, I'm not sure if it is wise to follow an interval session with a 32km long run so maybe I will move my long run to Monday (then work out how to rijig that week). Hmm .......


DC64 said...

Do you eat/drink anything before you go out in the morning ? I used to do it cold, went to trying Sustagen and have settled on a cup green tea before I go out - I also have a banana if I'm doing anything more than an hour. Apparently the caffeine in the tea fires up the fat burning metabolism - I've found it's all I need. BTW, good luck with the alcohol free ; it's not as tough as it sounds - a couple of years back I tried the odd AFD because I felt I was drinking too much and it sort of fell away ; last year I had maybe a glass and a half of wine total!

Simon Elliott said...

Just before Christmas I watched two dolphins for a minute or so just near McCallum Park. They looked as though they were trying to pin fish against the river wall so you could pretty much reach out and touch them if you wanted to. Gold!

What gels do you use - I just about gagged the only time I tried one on a run...I wish they came flavourless.

What training program are you following Biscuitman? I noticed a reference to McMillan...