"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Running semi-regularly but without confidence in my knee

Monday - ran with Rox for a very gentle 5km or so.  Knee felt great so very happy with that.

Wednesday - was going to run again with Rox but she organised to run with a friend who is keen to start/increase her running.  (An indicator of how Rox's fitness has improved is that she found this way too easy).  I did 8.4km easy by myself instead.  Not sure of the actual time as I stopped and walked with Gary Carlton for approx 5 mins discussing knee injuries.  Knee was not too bad but could feel it a little bit over the last 3km.

Thursday - planned to do 2km warm up; 4 or 5 x 1km @ 3.45/km with 2 min walk recovery between; 2km cool down.

Did three 1km reps as follows: 3.35; 3.43; 3.39 so a bit all over the place with my pacing.  Could feel the knee a little bit on the second and third reps and then when I started the fourth one, it was bit worse so I pulled the pin and jogged home (approx 1.5km).

I have iced the knee, taken some ibruprofen and put voltarin gel on it.  It's not swollen and it's not painful (it wasn't painful when I was running either) but it is more of a discomfort and just doesn't feel right and it makes me think that I need to be careful or it is going to get inflammed and swollen again.

I'm just going to continue to take it easy and not push the envelope.  Because of the development of my knee issue throughout the taper and then on the marathon day, I feel like I have this big aerobic base that I haven't really exploited.  Apart from the knee, I recovered from the marathon very similarly to my recovery from the 35km long run I did in training (not surprising as the average pace was pretty much identical).  I didn't wipe myself out at Rottnest simply because I wasn't able to run to my capacity having lost some condition over the "taper" and then because the knee blew up at 30km.

I'm hoping now that my knee can improve to the extent that I can still exploit some of that aerobic capacity before I lose it through de-training and at the same time add a bit of sharpness through some speedwork over shorter distances.

I'm using the foam roller every night and am now adding some core strength and other exercises.  Just looking forward to getting back to having enough confidence in my knee so that I can go out and thrash myself in an interval workout and know that the only damage I'm doing to myself is fatigue and muscle soreness.

In other news ... New York City Marathon is on Sunday night Perth time (9pm I believe) and there will be a streaming telecast on universalsports.com.

Also - after a couple of seasons off, I'm looking to make a "comeback" to Masters cricket with Perth CC.  Next game is on 8 November so will definitely need to get down to the nets for a trundle before then.


Epi said...

I can imagine it's pretty annoying to feel you are missing out on the fruits of your labour of recent months. Hope you get to do a couple of good races in the latter part of the year.

Do you have a tip for universal sports - doesn't ever let me watch the races - says not available in my location/country, until the replay comes up after the race. Some races I have found on other sources on the net.

Biscuitman said...

I'vr always found the opposite with Universal Sports - let's me watch the stream but not the replay (??)- eg couldn't watch the replay of the world half marathon champs but watched Chicago marthon live and Berlin live also (although Berlin was delayed by about an hour).

Flotrack.com and letsrun.com often have links/forum discussions that will get you to other sources as well.

Jen Feeny said...

Here's to hoping that knee starts acting right! Good job getting some easy runs in!

DC64 said...

I think you're a long way from losing benefits of your massive training efforts this year. Detraining only starts to happen if you sit on your arse for two weeks. IMHO if you sit tight and let your knee recover you'll start to be able to hammer yourself in a few weeks ; which is probably the rest you should have after a marathon anyway. I know you're itching for revenge after the disappointment of Rotto, but this will fade (I know, personal experience!) and come the new year you'll be racking up some massive PB's. I guarantee it.

trailblazer777 said...

well done on the 1k reps and the run with Rox. Smart move to do precautionary anti-inflams after the reps too...maybe I should do that more often...
i remember from sports science at Uni (1996-1999 so i have forgoten a lot of what i learnt now) that as sugar says detraining only kicks in significantly after about 2 weeks of nothing. I also remember that the detraining is like a curve. after 4 weeks a big loss in conditioning after 8 weeks of inactivity you lose heaps...as long as you can keep something ticking over 9even if its just swimming or cycling or hiking in mountains/hills (maybe do some long swims or long rides or long walks 2hrs+) you can hold onto most of your aerobic base , and not lose much...keep at it, and the rewards will come sooner rather than later...doing well, maybe add a long crosstraining session?