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Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos and videos now available

I have purchased the photos from the Gold Coast Marathon and they are in the slideshow in the sidebar.  Here is one of them:

Videos are also available but I didn't buy these.  If you follow this link, you can access an electronic results magazine for the the event which also has the videos.  You need to put in my bib number M2540.

Pretty hard to find me until the 25km one as I am in the 3 hour pace group.  Here is a photo that Rox took just before the 3km mark which shows how big the group was at the start.  It still had about 30-40 in it at 22-23km which is where I went ahead of the group.  In the photo below, you can just see Steve Moneghetti below the blue ballon on the left of the three.

I have updated the look of this blog too so if you don't like the changes or think that the new layout makes it too hard to read - let me know.

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