"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Training week leading into Bridges 10k and the Rules of Racing

Wednesday - Easy recovery run – inc a short pit stop. Ran in my new 2130s as a bit of a treat for my legs. 8.6km in 48.40 (5.39/km pace).

Thursday - this was my only speed/slightly hard session for the week.  25 min warm up then 5 × 1min hard/2min easy. Underestimated how quickly I would get back to my turnoff point on the way back so had to go past it and then come back.  (actually I didn't because I was only supposed to do 4 x 1 min hard but in my usual style, I stuffed it up).

Actually hit the turn off point at the end of 4th rep so set myself a challenge to turn at end of 2 min easy and then get back to that point in the 1 min hard. Had to stop to quickly tie a shoelace unfortunately so it wasn’t a full 2 min recovery run but ran hard on the 1 min and got 10m or so past start point.

Ran all the reps hard but ran that one the hardest. Felt good.

5-7 min cooldown jog back home.

Saw Clown just before I started first rep. He had 13km under the belt already and was heading home.

Wore my racing flats for this workout and am pleased with how it went.

Friday - Easy recovery run – mostly on grass. Found it easy to keep my heart rate down. I hope conditions on Sunday are like they were this morning – light easterly breeze and cool/cloudy. 8.6km in 45 mins (5.13/km pace).

Saturday - Supposed to be an easy run to Mends Street and back. Warm and muggy and a very average run. If I had tried to run harder I felt like I might have bonked – wobbly legs etc.

Don’t know why – had a decent meal last night and a glass of orange juice when got up. Maybe the fact that I was running 2 hours later than I normally do had something to do with it.  6.4km in 29 mins (4.31/km).

Got home had 500ml Gatorade, another big glass of orange juice, two hot cross buns with Nutella and a yoghurt.

I’ll make sure I get sufficient carbs in today and tonight.

We are going to head out to the Athletics Stadium this evening to watch the last hour or so of the State Champs.  Aiming to get there in time to see the Mens 5000m and then the Mens and Womens 400m whic are the last events of the evening.
On that note and with the Bridges tomorrow, I thought I would cross post something that Mike Reneau posted on Strands. They are Mike Dilley's (ie his coach) Rules of Racing:
1st Rule: Place First, Time Second. No race is over before it starts or we would not hold the damn thing!

2nd Rule: Believe in yourself first and play to strengths—you don’t need anyone’s permission to do this, or to run fast

3rd Rule: “Dance to Rhythm”. You have trained as a rhythm runner so do it and make the race cover the whole distance, not just part

4th Rule: Pace/Position/Drive/Kick

5th Rule: GUTS. There is no substitute for genuine guts and raw desire.

I'll let you if I followed the rules tomorrow.

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trailblazer777 said...

some very PRE ish rules of racing there. I like it. will try to take that on board for the future. Needed a reminder of that stuff, its easy to forget when youve been in the doldrums for too many years. I hear Courtney nailed the 5000m bigtime...