"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great interval session this morning

After two days of easy running (8.6km on Monday and 12.8km on Tuesday), I fired up for my key speed workout for this week.

4km warm up then 4 x 6min hard/4min easy (24 mins of work/12 mins of recovery). Covered 9.02km in the 36 mins (average pace 3:59/km).

I was able to take a distance/split for the first 6 mins = 1.68km which equates to 3:34/km pace. I think 3:35/km was pretty much the pace I maintained throughout the workout. Hit a good rhythm and was conscious of my form, especially arms which I think helped keep it together.

Total - 14.8km in 1.05 (was actually slightly quicker as warmup included a pit stop courtesy of last night's curry and rice ... )

Apart from a fartlek run on the upcoming weekend running camp and a short 4 x 1min hard session next week, that is it for hard running until after the Bridges 10km. Hope I have put enough hay in the barn.

Received an email this week with the full schedule for this weekend's camp.  Have to say I'm realy excited about this.


Friday 19th March

Arrive from 4.30pm at Nanga Bush Camp

6.00pm Easy Recovery Jog (Optional)

7.15pm Dinner served

8.00pm Diet for the Runner Talk (Mr Steve Skivinis)

9.00pm Bed

Saturday 20th March

6.00-7.30am Breakfast

8.30am Mona Fartlek Training Session

11.00am Core Stability Exercises for the Athlete (Physiotherapists- Raf Baugh plus Q+A with Justin Barich elite sports physiotherapist at Physiotherapy Solutions)

12.00pm-1.00pm Lunch

1.00-3.00pm Rest

3.15-4.15pm Formulating your Training Programme (Steve Moneghetti)

5.00-6.30 Easy Ride (Optional for Multi-sports athletes)


5.30-6.30 Easy Run (Optional)

7.15-8.15 Dinner

8.15 Q+A w Steve and Elite Multi-sport Athletes

9.30 Bed

Sunday 21st March

6.00-7.00 Light Breakfast

7.30am Long Run 30min-2 hours (Out and Back for those running less 90 minutes or less)

9.30-11.30 BBQ Brunch and informal wrap up

12.00 Depart

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trailblazer777 said...

Was a memorable!!! Mona weekend! Pretty cool to see those Strands T-shirts appearing everywhere. Looking forward to the photos. Mona is not just a total world champion, hes a really good bloke too. Guess its something to do with being a teacher, but he is just so down-to earth,humble and approachable. All the best with Bridges, hope its a great race for you.