"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bridges 10km

Well, I failed to follow the rules of racing despite best intentions - just once I would like to cross the finish line and throw my guts up just so I would know I had given it absolutely everything.

Not a great result for me personally but hopefully our team won the Open team event (problems with the results meant that the team category was not announced at the presentation).

I liked the change in direction and the start was a big improvement.  The leaders didn't go out too quick and there was a decent group of about 15-20 that I sat off the back of for the first km.

Started losing it after about the third km and it was a real struggle from there as the people I needed to be close to if I was going to run what I wanted to either ran away from me or passed me.

Not sure why.  In the past, I have run my best even over shorter distances when I have been doing more mileage.  I suspect that I am simply not as aerobically fit as I have been in the past when I have been doing 100-120km week despite the more specific 10km training I have been doing over the past 2 months.

Not a complete disaster though and a massive improvement on where I was at the end of January when ran 39.41 @ Matilda Bay.

Splits as follows:

1km – 3.21

2km – 6.56 (3.34)

3km – 10.42 (3.45)

4km – 14.25 (3.43)

6km – 22.07 (7.41 – ie 3.50/km avg)

7km – 25.59 (3.51)

8km – 29.55 (3.55)

9km – 33.54 (3.59)

10km – 37.52 (3.57)

Our other Team Strands members did considerably better than me – Sugar and Simon ran 35.2+ (Sugar just beat Simon).

Presentations were a bit of a shambles – as above no team award and we think that David won his age group but they gave it to a bloke who finished behind me. I’m pretty sure they will fix it up but not good especially when the presentations didn’t start until around 10am (race was at 8am).

Yesterday (Saturday) I did what was Supposed to be an easy run to Mends Street and back. Warm and muggy and a very average run. If I had tried to run harder I felt like I might have bonked – wobbly legs etc. 6.4km in 29 mins (4.31/km)

Don’t know why – had a decent meal Friday night and a glass of orange juice when I got up. Maybe the fact that I was running 2 hours later than I normally do had something to do with it.

Got home had 500ml Gatorade, another big glass of orange juice, two hot cross buns with Nutella and a yoghurt.

Subway for lunch and spaghetti for dinner so should have rectified that problem.


Epi said...

Well done anyway,

Was it legs, breathing, or mental which slowed you down in the second half?

Biscuitman said...

i think it was breathing/aerobic strength. Not enough hard kms in the body.

trailblazer777 said...

well done on continuing the improvement from January. Judging purely on the basis of your splits, it looks like you started to lose something around 2-4km, and then again from about 6-7km to the end. Biggest criticism from me is what looks like a lack of a kick in the last 1km by the looks of the splits. I think the 8km-9km is a bit hard on the new course due to the climb over the Narrows bridge, but no excuse for blowing out by 20-30 secs per K 6-8k, and 9-10k is unforgivable. There is about 1-2 minutes there which would take you from A-grader to where Sugar and Simon are at or at least pretty close. My opinion is that your last 1km should be your second fastest split, because you should summon some guts, and kick home with all youve got. That said, I made pretty much the same mistakes in my race as well, although my last 1k was at least my equal second fastest...Hopefully you'll be throwing up at the end of your next race...sounds like a pretty cool team you had there...

Clown said...

Still a good effort BMAN, well done. Next 10km you'll blitz.

Simon Elliott said...

Trailblazer: As someone who had there two slowest kms for the last 2 km, I totally agree! Yep, there was a bridge and wind to deal with but I have a similar annoyance as Simon for everything after about 7.5km...