"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yesterday's long run and today's weigh in

As expected today's weigh in continued my now 4 week plateau. If it wasn't Christmas I would be a bit worried but as I now have nothing major on the social calendar (New Year's Eve will be spent at home), other than our family holiday on Rottnest where I intend to do a heap of running and cycling, I am very hopeful that there will be some movement over the next 4 weeks.

Weight- 77kgs (76.9kgs)
Body fat 21% (19.5%)
Hydration 54.3% (55.4%)

I have to say that I really don't know what the hydration level is actually measuring and how significant it is but I will keep recording it on the off chance that I find out what it means someday.

Yesterday's long run went really well. Out along the river past Burswood and Belmont race course, continuing along the river and over Garrett Rd Bridge then back along the river through Bayswater and Maylands etc, through East Perth back over the Causeway and home. 2 hours 14 minutes incluing 2 gel stops (one of which was also a toilet stop - annoying but maybe an after effect of the few beers I had on Boxing Day).

Tomorrow morning I will be heading around the Bridges (from our house here in Kensington all up it is just over 12km). Will run the middle 25 minutes at 15km-Half marathon pace ie around 4 min kms hopefully. It's going to be hot this week so it is pretty important that I get out relatively early.

On a very good note Ben went out for a run with Rox this morning. He has the Milo kids tryathlon in February. He ran down to the river which is approx 1km without walking before doing a walk/run on the way back. If he keeps this up on top of the cycling he has been doing, he should really enjoy the tryathlon as it is only a 500m run for 10 year olds and he is a strong swimmer.

2 longish mid week runs planned for this week 21km on Wednesday and 17-18km on Friday before a scheduled 24km run on Sunday. I'll see how I feel on Sunday as I would like to run the same run as I did yesterday but it is a bit longer than 24km .

Boston isn't that far away. Rox and I have started on our more detailed itinerary and just need to finalise a couple more things (travel between New York and Boston and booking a tour of the marathon course). Is it too much to hope that the exchange rate might improve sometime soon???

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Anonymous said...

Thank (insert name of whatever religious deity you follow) that you are not updating regularly. I've been away and am only catching up on my corro now.

So it doesn't sound like Biscuitman has turned into MincePieman! I'm enjoying the geographic journey around Perth especially where the nearest facilities are located and the snippets about the family (but is that wise... However the rest for a roly poly like me is completely techo and way out of my league. BUT I do go to the gym (sometimes)does that count! If I ever want to take up marathon running or actually running of any sort, I will know where to come for advice. Surprised to hear that NYE will be a quiet night 'in'. Perhaps I should make a late night call because we all know what happens when I make those calls...a different sort of exercise maybe.

Remember "in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" AE