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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marathon training - week 15 and moving into the 21st Century with a Garmin 610

135.7km in week 15.  Biggest week this program.  I was hoping to have done something similar on the week we were on Rottnest but didn't manage it due to illness and how I felt at the time.  It feels good to have got this done as my last hard week and now back off a bit as I start my taper.

I will be doing a full three week taper but will still be just over 100km this coming week.  I have used the Pfitzinger and Douglas taper for three of my four marathons (I was unable to for Rottnest due to injury) and feel very comfortable and confident with it.

Last week I did my medium long run on Monday to compensate for no long run (due to Run for a Reason).  Then I did an interval session on Tuesday.

Probably did this a day earlier than I should have done but wanted to get it out of the way so that the remainder of the week could be relatively easy running before my planned 35km/marathon specific long run on Saturday.

This morning’s session was 6km warmup; 4 × 1600m @ 5km race pace with 3:30 jog recovery; 6km warm down

6km – 26mins

1600m – 5:37
(700m – 3:27)
1600m – 5:35
(720m – 3:40 including swallowing a fly/cough/spit/splutter)
1600m – 5:38
(700m – 3:28)
1600m – 5:37

6km – 26:30

1600m were between 3:28 and 3:31 pace so right on what I think is probably my current 5km speed. Wasn’t busting a gut but probably just on the hard side of comfortably hard at least on the last rep.

Saw Simon Elliott heading out for an easy run – I was pretty envious and even more so when I saw him again when I was halfway through my last rep!

Other hard thing about that morning is that I was fasting for a workplace health assessment blood test. Waste of time though as when I asked them to take extra blood to check ferretin and red blood cell count they said they couldn’t and are only checking for cholesterol and glucose. So it is just the basic – are you a couch potato or not type assessment.

On Thursday I caught up with Clown and Sandgroper for a run out to the Maylands Police Academy. It was a really enjoyable run. We had a leisurely run and a good chat all the way. Nice morning for a run and a good pace for a chat at just under 5min/km.

Got in a few extra very short runs last week as well with Sammie who is training for the WAMC Kids Marathon which is being held on the morning of the Perth Marathon. Sammie is running 1-2km at a time at around 6min/km pace. Sometimes she has a small walk break but it is usually only for a few strides. She likes to have chat and likes to be in front!!

On Saturday, I used my new Garmin 610 for the first time. Only problem was that although I had set the unit distance to kilometres, the autolap was still on the default of miles. So I was OK in that I could monitor my actual pace but the laps were recording on the mile.

Ran out to Garrett Road, over the Bridge, up to Tonkin Highway and then back down to the little park at the back of Ascot Park. Had a drink and a gel then ran for about 600m when I had then run 17km at around 4.20-4.25/km pace – I will have to check and convert back from the miles.

Then ran 16km at MP effort and no slower than MP pace of 4.00/km. Was actually under this for most of the way – again I will have to convert. The last km was 3.50 has got mixed in with a mile because I hit stop at the end and then restarted when I did my cool down home whithout hitting lap – was going at 3:50/km pace I remember. Have a bit of learning to do with this new fangled technology.

These are the mile splits:

07:39 06:57 06:53 07:01 07:14 06:53 06:54 07:08 06:58 06:57 03:57 (0.56 of a mile- 07:00/mile pace) – 17km in 1:14:31 = 4:23/km

MP section: 06:19 06:21 06:19 06:18 06:23 06:20 6:23 6:24 6:15 then 6:34 (part MP/part cooldown – the 16th km was @ 3:50/km so 6.10 to 16km) – 16km in 63:12 = 3:57/km

Cooldown 7:44 7:42

So my 16km @ MP was done in 63:12 which is 3:57/km pace. Slowest mile was 6:24 which is just under 3:59 and quickest full mile was 6:15 which is 3:53

Workout done as planned. Bit annoyed that I have had to recreate everything in kms afterwards but I have fixed the autolap to kms now so should be all good from now on.

Here is my new toy!!

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