"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Latest update including Sunday's long run

Recovery run Thursday - just a nice gentle 9km approx where I kept my heart rate in the low 130s.

Friday was 18.42km (I have mapped the distances of my regular runs now) which is from my house and around all the bridges including the East Perth inlet and going over the new Narrows Bridge. Don't know the time as Nike+ was being more than a bit tempremental (I think because it was completely full as I had just downloaded the Presets album onto it) and couldn't remember what time I left home. Certainly didn't push it hard though.

Other regular runs are my UWA run which I did on Wednesday (21.61km) and around the Bridges from my house (12.73km).

Saturday, the kids were playing nicely so Rox and I had a rare lie in and read the papers without much interruption. As a result, I didn't get out for my 9km recovery run until around 10am by which time it had got quite warm. Didn't wear my HRM but ran very easily.

Today (Sunday), I did the 26.89km that I have done for the previous couple of Sundays. Decent easterly blowing which was mostly in my face on the way out but mostly behind me on the way back. Did the run in 2 hour 9 minutes which was 2 minutes faster than last week and did the final 12.45km in 54 minutes which was again 2 minutes faster than last week. The last 12.45km works out at 4.20km pace which is still a little bit off sub 3hr marathon pace but I think I am on the right track. Sub 3r is 4.14 per km which should be achievable if I can get my tempo run times and my weight down.

I read somewhere Alberto Salazar saying that a 1kg drop in weight can result in a 1% improvement in performance so if all goes to plan weight wise I have a potential 5% performance improvement from weight loss alone.

All up I ran about 94km this week (not sure how far I ran onTuesday but think it was probably close to 10km.

Weigh in tomorrow morning before we head off to Rottnest for the week. I have plotted myself a 17km loop and a 7.8km loop so with some manipulation should get in something close to my program for the week.

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DC64 said...

Sounds like you're going well! I agree with your pet hate in your last post ; if I can see it happening, I'll run past a turnaround just to avoid it.

BTW, I looked at the countdown thing and got scared ....