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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back into it (but my back is not really into it!)

The back niggle I had on Monday has persisted - some days a bit better than others. I have retired my old Asics 2130s - the mid sole did not seem to have broken down but they had more than 1000kms on them and on a previous occasion when my back flared up, a change in shoes helped to rectify it. So at them moment, I am on anti inflammatories and also rubbing some Voltarin gel into it. Worryingly it is most sore on the spot where my previous bulging disc was.

The good news it that it doesn't really affect my running - I am just pretty sore afterwards especially when bending.

So far this week I have run 12.7kms on Tuesday, 18.4kms on Wednesday and 9kms this morning (recovery run on grass). Plan for the rest of the week is another 18.4kms tomorrow, 9kms on Saturday and 25kms on Sunday with the last half of Sunday's run being a moderate progression. Will need to get out early on Sunday as the forecast is for a hot one.

So the old 2130s are gone. These are the ones I have been running with since about August/September. Despite the very obvious temptation to get the new 2140s (its always nice to have the lastest model of anything isn't it?), Jim Kidd were selling 2130s for $129 each so I picked up a couple of pairs to see me through until after Boston.

Still haven't booked the marathon tour - after approx 1 day when the exchange rate got up to US 72 cents to the A$ its now back to 66. I wonder if it will improve soon ...

How good has the Tour Down Under been so far?? Watched some old Lance Armstrong stuff on YouTube today and am hoping that he decides to try to really dominate at least one stage before the week is out. Not the same as smashing Jan Ulrich but would still be great.

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DC64 said...

Hope your back starts to feel better ; as long as you don't feel it when you're running it's OK ;-)

I have heard that ASICs don't last much beyond 800kms for normal runners (some folks are heavy on the shoes and other seem to have them last forever!) ; I use Mizunos but different models seem to have different lifespans. I track the kms for each though and definitely chuck them once I get close to 1000km.