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Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday's workout and today's weigh in

Well yesterday's workout was a bit of a disaster. The forecast was for 35 degrees (it actually got up over 38) so I decided it would be wise to run as early as possible. Didn't get out until 8.10am and although I drank a 250ml energy drink and a couple of swigs of Accelerade before leaving, a combination of a dud water fountain at Burswood, the hot weather and complacency meant that by the time I stopped again after about an hour for a drink and to take the gel I had with me, I think I was already well on the way to being dehydrated.

I ran an out and back to Ascot race course along the river which has been the long run that I have done for the past 3 weeks or so. There are a couple of decent hills as well as some rolling hills as you run through Riverval and Ascot and yesterday there was a stiff easterly breeze on the way out so I was looking forward to a bit of a progression with a harder run back and with the wind behind me. Unfortunately, I just couldn't crank it up and although my run was only just slower than last week, I really think it was a missed opportunity to get in a quality bit of marathon pace training early in my program.

Lesson learned, drink more before and during runs when the weather is warmer (bit obvious really ...). On reflection though, it may also have been a factor of going from running 4 times a week to 6 times a week. At yesterday, I had run 12 of the previous 13 days so maybe there was a bit of accumulated fatigue there. Feel fine today though.

To today's weigh in and I was very hopeful that last week's considerable reduction was to be repeated. But ... nothing. No change.

Weight: 76.6kgs (76.6kgs)
Body fat: 19.9% (19.6kgs)
Hydration: 55% (55.2%)

I've got more to say but Sammie is here and is very keen for me to come and play with her so i will sign off now and maybe come back later to talk about the program for this week.

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