"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time for an update

Well, I have been very slack in updating this blog. I blame Christmas which has been very enjoyable. I haven't had a big blowout food wise but am not expecting anything spectacular in tomorrow's weigh in given the total lack of movemnet over the past few weeks.
Weigh in from Monday 22 December was as follows:
Weight 76.9kgs (76.6kgs)
Body fat 19.5% (19.9%)
Hydaration 55.4% (55%)

I had a very successful long run on December 21. The kids had been for a sleepover at Rox's parents in Mandurah and we were going to pick them up on Sunday so Rox and I arranged that I would run around the river and then down dual use path alongside the Kwinana Freeway. I wanted to run 24km so figured that would be a 2 hour run. Conservatively selected the Beeliar Drive exit for our meeting place and got there 7 minutes early so ran on for a couple more minutes before making my way back and waiting for Rox. She had just got there and had parked down the road a bit so was almost perfect timing. Had a great run and had plenty left in my legs at the end especially as I knew we would be getting a nice roast cooked by Rox's mum when we got to Mandurah. Only problem was the absence of drinking taps/fountains along the freeway after Canning Bridge. Had a gel and drinko of water at the toilet block near Mt Henry Bridge but there was nothing after that. Luckily it was not hot so no major problem but think I will take a fluid belt with me if I do that run again.
Rest of the week as follows:
Tuesday - 12.8km with 8 x 40 sec fartlek runs
Wednesday - 18km medium long run
Thursday (Christmas Day) - 9km recovery run
Friday (Boxing Day) - 12.8km
Saturday - 9km recovery (was supposed to do 8 hill sprints but forgot - also am a bit worried that hill sprints hurt my back. It was bit sore after the last ones right where I had my bulging disc problem which stuffed my prep for the Fremantle Half marathon a few months back).
Sunday - 27km long run.

Anyway... we are about to head into town for some shopping so will continue this tomorrow after the weigh in.

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