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Monday, December 1, 2008

First official day of my training program

Conveniently starts with a rest day (!!!). Actually this is because it is Monday and Monday is my regular rest day throughout my training program. I have gone for a 20 week program which is a blend of the Pfitzinger and Douglas "Advanced Marathoning" program (18 weeks) and the program and principles contained in Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald's "Run Faster from the 5k to the Marathon: How to be your own best coach".

I followed the Pfitzinger And Douglas 24 week up to 70 miles a week program for my first (and only) marathon which qualified me for Boston but I feel as though I peaked a little early and am coming off a better base this time so have gone for 20 weeks.

Guess I should include the weigh in figures from this morning:
Weight - 78kgs (which is at least 6kgs more than I was for the Perth marathon in July this year)
Body fat- 21.2%
Hydration - 54.1%

So today, all I have done is weigh myself, have my wife Roxanne take a "before" photo and do bit of stretching - it all starts for real tomorrow. I'll swallow my pride and upload the photo once I get it off the camera and onto the PC.

I think my program may actually start off a little conservative based on what I have been running recently. Although I have only be running 4 times a week, 2 of those runs have been 12kms and my long run on Sundays has been up to 21km. This week my program just has me doing 9.6km and 8km runs before a 16km long run on Sunday. So I think I might stick to 12km instead of 9.6km for two of the runs and stretch my long run out to the 21km I have been doing.

12 km tomorrow morning which is basically down to the Swan River from our house in Kensington and once around the Bridges.

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