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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Training for Melbourne Marathon - Week 1

Last week was the first "formal" week of my training program for the Melbourne Marathon.

Total - 125km which was my biggest week since the end of last year when I started tapering for the Houston Marathon.

Monday's 16km with 8km tempo turned into 16km with 9km tempo.  It was very much tempo effort rather than tempo pace.  Was still a bit fatigued from a big Saturday (hard run then moving furniture from Nan's) combined with running part of this tempo straight into the storm as it blew through again this morning.  As result there were two kms where I was running 4:00/km pace  The last few were with the wind or when it was in a bit of a lull so I added one km as I was now feeling like I was in a bit of groove.  Last km was 3:43.

21km medium long runs on Tuesday and Thursday with doubles of 9km/6km on Wednesday and 8km/6km on Friday before a 29km long run @ 4:29/km pace on Saturday.  8km recovery early on Sunday before watching the marathon.

This week will be pretty similar.  Monday was 16km + 10 x 110m strides (with a boring walk back recovery but it is important to get full recovery on these).  This morning's run was 21km @ 4:30/km.

I'll be keeping my "fundamental" longer runs all between 80-90% of marathon pace, which is in the range of 4:13-4:36/km.  I expect to be at the slower end for the first few weeks and then be more around 4:22/km from then on.

This Saturday will be my first marathon pace/specific endurance long run 29km with 12km @ 3:50/km.  Will be a bit of a test so I need to make sure I don't start out too quick.  Forecast is for cold weather later this week so should be good conditions.

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couldhavebeen said...

Will be running Melbourne with same MP goal pace in mind. Good luck with the training.

cheers couldhavebeen