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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New shoes - Saucony Cortana

I took these for their first spin this morning.  Awesome cushioning without compromising on weight.  Although slightly heavier than the Mirage, they are lighter than an Asics DS Trainer.

There is a good chance that these may become the 2nd shoes in my rotation behind the Kinvara but ahead of the Mirage.  Not sure yet, it is too early to say.

The Cortana incorporates a heel fit mechanism that keeps the foot embedded and provides some addtional  structure.  It has the what is now standard Saucony 4mm dropped heel for a  more supportive yet natural ride.

1 comment:

DC64 said...

Looks like a great shoe, but at nearly twice the price of the Kinvara, I'll have to wait for a 'clearance' pair !