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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marathon training - Week 7

122.65km last week. Main runs were a 20 x 1 min on / 1 min off session on Monday, my regular medium long run on Tuesday (23km @ 4:11/km pace), another medium long run with Clown on Thursday (21km) and then a 32.7km long run with Simon Elliott on Saturday morning.

The Monday session was 4km warmup in 18 mins then 20 × 1 min on / 1 min off around the Kent Street Ovals before a short cooldown run home (1.37km)

I ran just short of 8 × 1.32km laps in the 40 mins so approx 10.4km which was good going on grass. Distance may be slightly over but it is what I measured it a while back on Map My Run.

Saturday's long run with Simon Elliott was out around Ascot park and then back via Maylands and East Perth and along to the big flag pole in South Perth. it's the same run as I did with Clown and Epi a fortnight ago but without the fast finish.

According to Simon’s Garmin we did most of the running together at around 4:15/km pace which felt surprisingly but nicely comfortable. A couple of quicker km with the wind behind us through Maylands.

Simon turned at the Fisheries building in South Perth to catch up with the BT RunClub and I carried on down to the flagpole. It was only just before I got to the flagpole that I remembered that the cooldown part of the run was back to the Fisheries building not to my turnoff and therefore back into what was now a pretty stiff easterly.

Also pretty hard going back past my turn off for the second time … it was very nice to turn and run back with the wind behind me for the last part.

Really happy with how comfortable this run felt. Only downside – my back stiffened up a bit when we stopped for our first gel (the low water tap doesn’t help) and when I stopped running it stiffened up considerably and has gone into spasm a bit. It is still a bit stiff and sore today (Wednesday) but doesn't seem to be affecting my running just standing and walking ...

Here is an interview with Craig Mottram. Great to see him back running injury free and I am really looking forward to seeing how he runs in the US and Europe over the next few months.

I have posted before about Running the Sahara http://biscuitmanruns.blogspot.com/2009/06/still-going-well.html

One of the runners was Charlie Engle. I have just finished reading an aricle he wrote for the US Runner's World magazine and the footnote to the article said that Charlie was (as of Feb 2011) serving 21 months in a federal prison for fraud offences (allegedly overstating his income on a loan application). I have found his blog which outlines what has happened and is happening. It makes for very interesting reading. I've certainly got my views about a justice system which lets the those responsible for the GFC get off scot free (or with a salary bonus) but pursues individuals because they are an easy target.

Anyway here is his blog:


If you are interested in his story, I strongly recommend that you read this article from the New York Times:


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