"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Perth 32k (or 32 to somewhere between 32.3 and 32.5k)

Not sure of the actual distance of this one – definitely overdistance and the consensus seems to be somewhere between 300-500m. Apparently we started in the wrong spot – hard to believe but true. I’ll call it 32.3k for now until the actual distance is confirmed when the official results come out.

As a result the km markers were all out but they were also often not 1km apart as well so although I took a lot of splits, I don’t have any confidence in their accuracy.

Plan was to go out at normal long run pace for the the first 16km and then run MP for the second 16km. Certainly started off slowly but I ended up running with Bjorn and by 9km we were clicking along at 4.15km pace very easily. We also started running through the field and probably passed 10-12 runners over the course of the rest of the race without getting passed by any ourselves.

Bjorn was wearing a Garmin and when we passed the 9km mark his Garmin read 9.37km.

As result of running quicker in the first half than I planned, the last 8 kms were pretty hard work. I had pushed on from the turnaround (18km) and lead Bjorn for a while but Bjorn gapped me slightly as we ran between UWA and the Old Brewery. Gap was about 20m and remained constant until we crossed the Narrows when it opened up a bit and was probably 60m or so by the end.

It was so much easier running with someone – even though there was no conversation it was much better than running alone.

2.17.22 by my watch and finished in 13th overall.

I am very pleased with this effort considering where I am in my training – 2 weeks into marathon build/training with increased mileage and no taper. I’ve averaged 4.15/km which is 3 hr marathon pace and haven’t killed myself doing so (although it wasn’t easy!!) Negative split (I think – even with the dodgy km markers).

For what it is worth – here are the splits as I took them:

3km – 14.14 (long)

4km – 18.19 (4.05)

5km – 22.52

6km – 27.05 (4.12)

8km – 35.34 (8.28)

9km – 39.42 (4.07)

11km – 48.08 (8.25)

13km – 56.17 (8.08)

15km – 1.04.52 (8.35)

16km – 1.09.03 (4.10)

17km – 1.13.17 (4.13)

18km – 1.17.33 (4.15)

19km – 1.21.40 (4.07)

20km – 1.26.01 (4.20)

21km – 1.30.14 (4.13)

22km – 1.34.22 (4.07)

23km – 1.38.29 (4.07)

24km – 1.41.10 (2.40 – obviously short)

25km – 1.46.51 (5.41 – obviously long – more likely 8.21 for 2km)

26km – 1.51.10 (4.18 – this is where it started to get harder)

27km – 1.55.26 (4.16)

29km – 2.04.15 (8.48)

30km – 2.08.41 (4.26)

31km – 2.12.32 (3.51 – no way!!)

32km – 2.17.22 (4.49 – more likely 8.40 for last 2km).

Had to head off pretty much straight away afterwards as were participating in a car rally that my Dad had helped organise at church.  Nice to get off of my feet (I was navigator) but probably not so good to spend a couple of hours in a car seat.  I'm a bit stiff in my back today.

Rest of last week:

Wednesday - Recovery run to Narrows and return via path detour. Very easy this morning – grass wet so couldn’t run on it as much as I would like in places where it was long/spongy.  9.1km in 47.55 (5.15km) HR 132.

Thursday - Another nice morning for running – took it pretty easy but ran a little harder over the last 4kms or so. Good to get the extra miles in my legs.  18.8km in 1hr 23 mins (4.24/km)

Friday - Recovery run to Narrows and return. Didn’t run on the grass at all today and as a result pace was slightly quicker but HR still the same. 9.1km in 44.04 (4.50/km) HR 132.

Saturday - Easy Bridges loop – path through Sir James Mitchell Park is open again so back to the normal length. I may take that detour sometimes though depending on how I am feeling.

Went out a little later this morning and ran at exactly the same time as Monday’s 32k race will be. Conditions were pretty good, cool, only a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  12.8km in 57 mins (4.27/km)

Sunday - This is only approx distance – started off as normal recovery run to the Narrows and back but on the way back I met Rox who was out on her walk near the Wesley Boat Shed. I ran on to the turnoff at Hurlingham Road then turned and ran back and met with Rox near the end of the path before it crosses the road near the carpark for the scented garden. Then we walked back together and had a nice chat.

Ran on a combination of path and grass for 46 mins - approx 9.5km.

This morning (Tuesday 27 April) - Very easy recovery run after yesterday’s hard long effort. Legs felt fine but I am a little stiff in my back. As above, it probably didn’t help sitting in the car for a couple of hours yesterday doing a car rally.

If you want a good laugh, check out the latest installment of Fatty Fuller's Run for a Reason training.

Highlights include:

Tuesday - This is the alternative to some non specific gym training
Alternative: Sprint 100m from one end to other starting on every 30 ses. Eg if the sprint takes you 15 secs, have a 15 sec rest. Continue for 20 mins. 5 min rest. Jog, slow, for 3kms without stopping.  Excellent - so after a couple when our beginner is running 20-22 sec 100m - they get 8-10 secs rest.

Friday  - Treadmill: 40 mins cont jogging at 5% incline at 60% of max heart rate. (220 minus your age will give you your MHR)  This is good but check out the alternative - if you don't have a treadmill, don't go for a 40 min run do this instead -
Alternative: Hill running. Find steep hill over 60m in length. Run up hard & fast – and jog down, slowly, for recovery. Repeat 20 mins continuously.

Saturday - Here is the alternative to 20 mins of cross skiing (whatever that is) 
Alternative: Interval work. Sprint as fast as you can for 1km. Then take a 4 min rest for recovery & stretching. Repeat 6 times. Max effort is required So the person with access to cross skiing barely gets a sweat up but everyone else sprints for 1km x 6

I would have thought that the alternative workouts should work on the same types of fitness/energy systems but it seems that the alternatives are simply an opportunity for Fuller to stick his mitt into his grab bag of workouts and pull one out with all the finesse of a rugby player loading up at KFC.

Check it out here



trailblazer777 said...

excellent 32.4K time! Bjorn is on fire at the moment!
I was pretty sure the 24k marker was short too and a few others were wrong too, and I dont have a garmin...good solid hitout though, which should be good practice for Perth or Gold Coast...

I think cross skiing is crosscountry skiing, not that there is a lot of snow in WA to do that on hahaha...

Clown said...

Great stuff, should be a nice little confidence booster and shows the training is well and truly on track.

Well done.

Epi said...

Nice run biscuitman.

I would like to see a beginner be able to run 40min at 5% incline keeping the HR to 60% of max! I certainly cant unless I was walking the hill