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Thursday, February 4, 2010

More mojo

Tuesday I did 5.6km warm up then 8 x hill repeats (52-57 secs) up the hill on our street with a jog recovery back down. Last time I did this workout I did 10 repeats in 52 secs so this workout should be another good marker for improvement. 2-2.5km warm down.

Wednesday did the standard recovery run. Was feeling so good that I considered doing a 12.8km bridges loop instead but erred on the side of caution and also didn't want to detract from what has become a regular tempo workout with Clown on Thursday mornings.

This morning I had a great tempo run with Clown. I think we both really noticed the improvementover last week. 8km in 32.34 (compared with last week 33.24).

2km Splits as follows 8.06; 8.21 (4.09/4.12); 8.08; 7.57. Last week we did the last 2km in 8.08, this week 7.57 into a bit of a wind too. Negative split again but both halves were much quicker than last week.

All up 16.2km for me. This tempo workout was only 4 seconds slower than I raced the 8km on New Years Eve but with a really controlled effort including some chat on the first 4kms

I've signed up for the Moneghetti training camp in March too and there is a really good group heading down so it should be great company as well as fantastic training. I'm pretty excited about this opportunity. As Trailblazer said in the comments, there will be plenty more Freeway Bike Hikes ...

Recovery run tomorrow and then a long run with Sandgroper on Saturday. Not sure of the course yet, but I think we are both keen to add a couple of km on what we did last week.

Sunday - Ben has the Weetbix Tryathlon so if I get out for ride it will have to be later in the day.

I have added a badge to the sidebar of this blog. It's also a link to my page on the Strands.com site. Strands is a bit like Facebook for athletes. I find it a really good and quick and easy way to monitor and record my training. It has some great features and you can use as many or as few of them as you want. You can import your workouts from Garmin,Polar Nike+ and Map My Run as well.

Another aspect of it that I really like is that members of Team Strands will sign on as followers of you and are really generous with advice and encouragement. Team Strands is a sponsored team of elite athletes and I think it's really helpful to be able to be able to follow their training and see that they go through many of the same struggles that us lesser mortals go through.

I'd recommend it - especially if you don't have an electronic record or log of your training.

Here is a great video - hope you enjoy it.

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trailblazer777 said...

Hills back, sizzling tempo runs, Ryan hall vid, the strands (have to check that out),Mona camp...its all happening!
on with the show!