"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yasso 800 session tonight - very hard but worth the effort

Bit of a day for catching up with other runners.  This morning on my recovery run I ran into Sandgroper who was out for a longish run and my brother in law Garry who was going the other way. Had a quick chat with Sandgroper but not long enough really so looking forward to catching up with him again at Rottnest if not before.

8.4km in 45.30 with average HR 128 so nice and easy.  Basically 2nd easy run in a row so pleased the HR was well down.

This afternoon I left work early and caught the bus home to grab the car to get out to the new track for 5.15pm for Yasso 800 session.  Epi had put a comment on my blog saying that he was keen to join in so met him there and Clown and Trailblazer arrived after we had done a couple of warm up laps.

Clown was running some 600s while TB was doing some shorter faster stuff I think.  Epi joined in with me on the 800s.

3.2km warm up
10 x 800 @ 2.40 with 2.40 active recovery
1.6km warm down (was supposed to be 3.2 but I was knackered)
Total - 17.8km

800m rep times as follows:
1.   2.37
2.   2.40
3.   2.42
4.   2.40
5.   2.40
6.   2.44
7.   2.42
8.   2.47
9.   2.44
10. 2.38

Epi took a rep off after 5 but joined back in from 7 onwards for the last 4.  He probably ran 2-3 secs faster than me on reps 8 and 9 and dragged me through which was good.  By my calculations, I averaged around 2.41.4 for the 10 reps compared to 2.45 for the last time I did this session.  Conditions were better this time and although there was a slight headwind in the back straight, compared to the wind we have been having it was nothing.

Was pleased to finish with a quick 2.38 rep - the last one is always easier than the few beforehand.  I was really just hanging on on rep 8 which makes getting through the whole set close to an ambitious target all the more satisfying.  Good confidence booster which hopefully will carry through to the Freo Fun Run 10km before Rottnest.

Very tired legs now and I'd have to say that was quite probably the hardest session I have done.

Good to catch up with the guys.  Epi and Clown are running Boston next year - I'm sure they will love it.  Big thanks to Epi for jumping back in for the last 4 reps and pacing me through.

Recovery run tomorrow morning - I can't imagine I would be good for much else anyway.


DC64 said...

Must have just missed you last night ; hope you didn't have track overcrowding issues like I did. Great session, you're obviously in great shape and running strong to run those times. You must be looking forward to the taper!

Biscuitman said...

Finished on the track aroun 6.40pm and left after a quick shower. Must have got busier after we finished.

trailblazer777 said...
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trailblazer777 said...

Well done! Big improvement, and sounds like it was really worth something that session. What a night!

I made some gains and thoroughly enjoyed the inspirational setting and completed 5x600 + 5x800 and 2x200 + 2x300, but with longer rest sessions and much slower times than you speedsters, I was making a point of hitting the first 200 in 37-41 secs in my 800's...Appreciated having people ahead of me to help me hold the pace especially towards the end of my 800's.

Inspirational. way to go!