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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My City to Surf result

Here is my official result from the website:

Your Net time: 00:45:26

Your Gun time: 00:45:29

Channel Nine 12km Run
event place 51 of 12,374 finishers
You placed ahead of 99.60% of finishers in this event

category place 6 of 1,409 finishers
You placed ahead of 99.65% of finishers in this category

gender place 47 of 7,380 finishers
You placed ahead of 99.38% of finishers in this gender for the event

I usually put all my goals on this blog but I did have two "secret" goals as well - place in first 50 overall and top 5 in my age category, so I just missed out there too.

This morning (Tuesday) I ran 21.5k @4.16/km pace. No rain and little wind, pretty much perfect conditions. It felt much easier than I would have expected 4.16/km pace to feel which is re-assuring given my decision to lift the intensity of my training a little.

Recovery run (8.4km) tomorrow before Thursday's workout as follows:

Lactate threshold run (5km easy, 15mins @marathon pace + 1 min easy, 15mins @ half marathon pace + 1 min easy, 15 mins @ half marathon/10km pace, 5km easy -21km total).

I think the warmdown will end up being more than 5km for a run that is closer to 22km than 21km.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to run the Fremantle Fun Run 10km on 4 October which is two weeks before the Rottnest Marathon. (I can't run the Fremantle Half Marathon on 20 September as it clashes with the last game of the junior soccer season. Would have been perfect in relation to Rottnest as well)

I did the Bridges 10km two weeks before Boston and felt great after it. Still need to get a long run in around then though. Last time I ran 25km on the Monday after and did the second half at marathon pace. Not sure about the marathon pace bit this time around. Still some more thought to go into this, so any suggestions and advice would be most welcome.

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Jen Feeny said...

You still kicked some major @ss! No more Negative Nancy alright?!?!? :)