"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Long run (so much for mainly fine weather ... )

Got out at around 6.50am for my scheduled 35.3km long run. Although overcast, it looked as though the rain would hold off or only drizzle at worst. Unfortunately, it did rain and pretty heavily for at least 45 mins after I had been going for about an hour and a half.

I started out fairly quickly, probably too quickly and as a result I ended running a little slower. I'm pretty sure I was running between 4min/km and 4.15/km pace for the first 20-25km but slowed a little as the rain came in and my shoes got soaking wet (and as I got more tired). The last few kms were hard going especially up the hills through the back of South Perth once I crossed back over from the Freeway. Had to stop and re-tie a shoe lace at one point and it was a little difficult to get going again.

2 gel stops, one of which was a little longer than the other. Total time was 2 hours 41 minutes so I would guesstimate that my total running time was 2 hours 38 -39 mins. That gives an average pace of 4.30/km which is around where I want to be.

Spent the afternoon with my brothers helping tidy up my parents garden (wearing Skins under my track pants). Might try and sneak in a nap this afternoon.

I have re-jigged my training schedule for this week so that I do a couple of medium long runs on Monday and Wednesday with recovery runs on Tuesday and Thursday so that I can maybe get out to Coker Park for a 3000m race against Sugar on Thursday evening. The weather forecast isn't brilliant unfortunately which may not make for a really quick time but it should be a good hit out all the same. I was trying to remember when the last time I raced on a track was and can't think of any time after high school so I guess I may be a little rusty. Sugar has been running some great times on the track lately so I think my plan will be to try and stick with him for as long as I can. I would love to run sub 10 mins for the 3000m if possible.

Looks like we will be back to 1-1 in the cricket. Why England decided to go in a batsman short when they were 1-0 in the series is beyond me. Although it probably wouldn't have made any difference given how fragile their batting has been in this Test (and the bloke who would have come in would have been making his debut), the simple fact is that Australia needed to take 20 wickets to win the Test. Why make it easier by having one less batsman? That they haven't got anyone experienced in the wings to come in, indicates that they have some real problems with depth. It's hard to see Bopara lasting another Test and while Collingwood will, his form is terrible.

Great to see Mitchell Johnson hitting some form. I think having Stuart Clark in the side has taken a lot of pressure off him, not only because of Clark's experience but because we are not leaking runs at the other end when he is bowling.

Obviously very disappointed at the Bulldogs going down to the Eagles. Didn't pick that I don't think many others would have either. Too much of a head start it seemed.

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Clown said...

Nice session that Michigan one in your previous post. Think you're in line for a very good 12k at C2S

Bopara is def no number 3, will be great to see us win.

Was shocked to see the Eagles win, although a great comeback from the Bullies