"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting ready for Sunday (Part 1)

Wednesday - 8.4km recovery run. Ran the first 15 minutes with Rox. 47 minutes - HR 124. Easy peasy. Taking it very easy still on these slow recovery runs. I don't get massages (or do enough stretching) so these slow runs are my shakeouts.

Thursday - stuck with the 18.4km medium long run. 1 hour 20 mins so about 4.20/km. Again very easy. I feel like I could run all day at that pace (pity it isn't my marathon pace).

Went to the City 2 Surf expo to pick up my number at lunchtime. I know I'm probably spoilt having been to Boston and experienced what is regarded as the best running expo in the world but ... the City to Surf expo was pathetic. You couldn't even really call it an expo. At least a couple of years ago they had Adidas, the Melbourne Marathon etc as exhibitors. The Asics stand didn't even have the full range of their shoes, just the basic ones you find anywhere. (Except for the DS Trainer 14s which are a bit of an "in between" shoe IMO. Not really light enough to be considered a racing shoe and therefore why sacrifice cushioning/support for a trainer? I would possibly use them as a training shoe but not at that price).

The one stand I was interested in though was the Vibram Five Fingers stand. I've been interested/keen to do some barefoot running for a while (mainly on grass) so it was good to see the actual article. Having seen them though, I'm not as keen. First, I don't think I could hande the ridicule from Rox every time I wore them (unless I was dressing up as a Hobbit or the Creature from the Black Lagoon) and I don't think I would wear them on hard surfaces to go for a proper run. I'm still keen to do some barefoot stuff though and may start with some strides on grass after my training runs. Just have to watch out for bees and dog shit.

Entered a few competitions before heading back to work. I am bib number 4354 (from memory).

Friday (today) - 8.4km recovery run in 46.30 - HR 127. Ran with Rox down to the river but she wanted to go to the Causeway whereas I was for the Narrows. She got rained on, I didn't :-)

Getting nervous about Sunday but in a good way. I feel strong but not quick. Probably due to the endurance stuff I have been doing at the expense of speedwork. It's a relatively hard course with the hills though, so I am hoping that I will be strong through the hills and have enough in the tank to rip it up a bit over the last 3km.

Won't be going to the Glory v Melbourne Victory tonight but will watch live on Foxtel. Should be a cracking game.


Epi said...

Good luck on sunday.

I've run my last marathon and HM in DS trainers - good for me as I fear anything lighter aren't stable enough for the longer races, but still significantly lighter than my 21xx trainers.

I did end up buying a pair of fivefingers for some recovery runs (sprint model) on grass, but suspect I'll only use them on empty ovals in semi darkness!

DC64 said...

43:54 - isn't that your target time? (Hopefully I won't run 46:08!) All the best on Sunday, but I'm sure I'll see you out there. K is going to drop me at 7:45. I'll be wearing the white Boston adidas singlet (I'll forgo the gorilla suit this year).

Biscuitman said...

43:54 - I would think I'd died (literally) and gone to heaven. 44something and I'd be ecstatic.

I'm planning on getting there at 7.45 as well. I'll be on the scooter so will park up in the city somewhere and walk down I think.

I'll be in the black, blue and white Asics singlet I wore at the RFG.

Epi - you'll have to tell me how you go with the five fingers.

Clown said...

Biscuitman, all the best Sunday, I'm sure you'll tear up the course.

Five fingers and skins, now that would be a bizarre sight.