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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Training update and Team World Vision

111km last week as I made the switch back to longer runs mid week with more emphasis on strength and less emphasis on speedwork. I won't neglect speedwork completely but I think I will be doing more tempo and progression runs than interval sessions.

2 hour long run on Saturday was 26km from the City to City Beach and back along the City to Surf course with Clown and Epi.  We received a thorough drenching just after we turned around where Clown's much maligned (by Epi anyway) vest would have been very handy.

Also, I have joined Team World Vision for this year's City to Surf on 28 August. Rox and I have sponsored a girl in Lesotho through World Vision for a number of years and it is great that Team World Vision has started in Australia. I first heard of it when I saw a booth at the Boston Marathon expo when it was being launched in the US in 2009.

Basically, Team World Vision is a community of marathon and ‘fun’ runners from across Australia who participate in existing major public sporting events, whilst fundraising for World Vision’s Multiplying Gift Appeal (MGA).

Around 925 million people wake up each day denied the basic human right to food (UN WFP 2011). World Vision is partnering with the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) to deliver life-saving food aid to desperately hungry people through the MGA. Every $1 raised allows World Vision to deliver up to ten times the value of their donation in food aid and relief essentials.

For every $250 received by World Vision for MGA, they can provide $2500 worth of life-saving food to feed 52 families of six for one month.

You can visit my fundraising page here:

or click on the widget in the right sidebar of my blog.

If you can spare some money to make a donation to this important cause you will be making a really worthwhile and possibly life saving contribution.  You can donate as little or as much as you feel able as there is a custom amount option.

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