"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Monday, August 22, 2011

Down week but came good at the end

Took Monday off pending visit to the physio and as a result mileage this week was only 91kms.

Easy runs on Tuesday and Wednesday then a tempo run with Clown on Thursday as part of a medium long run and then a Surf to City / City to Surf long run on Saturday.

On the Thursday we did the regular run out to the Maylands Police Academy. We then ran tempo back to the Marathon Club which was 6.5km. We worked our way into it starting just under 4.00/km down into 3.40s and then 3.38/km for the last. We averaged 3.49 for the last 6km of this section. Clown was travelling pretty well towards the end and looked strong. It's a real pity he didn't get a priority start for City to Surf as I am sure he would have smashed it up.

Rest of the run was at a steady pace around 4.30/km or slightly quicker so the whole run was at a pretty reasonable pace - 21km in 1:29 (4:16/km)

Hamstring wasn’t too bad. Could still feel it slightly and it got a bit tighter over the last 2-3km of the tempo section. I was pretty pleased to get through this run without it blowing up and feeling like I could stick to my normal program from here on.

On Saturday morning I set off from City Beach with Clown and Epi and ran into the City along the City to Surf route except for Bagot Road instead of Hay Street. We turned at William Street in the city which by my Garmin was 12.85km into the run.

I was keen to push it a little bit on the way back as a bit of test of my hammie and the course. On the way out I could feel it getting a bit tight on the uphills but it eased off as soon as we got onto the flat or downhill. On the way back, it felt fine.

We ran back on the new course. There was not much traffic on Hay Street so I was able to run on th edge of the road rather than the footpath (mostly) and hardly felt like my feet were touching the ground. I wasn’t pushing it hard at all but was running 3.51/km along Hay Street.

Worked moderately hard up the hills consistent with the overall effort and then opened up on the last km downhill to City Beach in 3.48.

Last 12km back from the City in 49.57 (4.10/km) which I am pretty pleased with given the relative effort involved and that we had run 13km beforehand.  All up 25km in 1:48:26 (4:20/km)

Went for a bit of a dip in the ocean afterwards but only lasted 5mins as it was a bit rough and I only really wanted to soak my legs in the cold water.

This was a good confidence booster after a couple of difficult weeks – fingers crossed the weather next Sunday is similar to what it was on Saturday.  The early forecast is looking promising with a bit of a ESE tailwind predicted.

Feeling pretty good at the moment and hope I can go into Sunday with my legs feeling fresh and with a tailwind at my back!

Follow this link to watch Lachlan Renshaw win the 800m at the World Uni Games:


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