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Monday, July 26, 2010

Next training/racing phase commences

After three pretty easy weeks with no really hard running or speedwork, this week is the first week of a 5 week program aimed at getting me to the City to Surf with a chance of running a PB  (45.26 last year but I'm sure it was long ...)

Last three weeks have been:
16.9km (week after GC Marathon)
61.3km (week we got back from Queensland)
76.2km (first week back at work)

I have done a couple of 16km runs and Saturday's run was 20km with Clown around the hills and streets of Inglewood and Yokine which was a nice change and good to start getting some hills in.  I have done no intervals or speedwork for quite a while and will be jumping back into it with some 1 min hill repeats tomorrow morning.  Hoping to crank out 8 this week with a jog back down after a 5km warm up.

This morning I did a 12.8km Bridges loop in 54.31 (4.15/km pace).  Wednesday and Friday will be recovery runs.  Thursday is tempo day and Saturday long run day.  That will be the basic program for the next four weeks.

This Saturday will only be 18.6km though as I will need to keep it shorter for two reasons.  First, I will have been out late Friday night as going to see Kasabian play - first band I have been to see for over a year.  I'll be sticking to the light beer but it will still be a struggle to get going in the morning.  Also we have Ben's birthday on Saturday morning at Laser Corps (like paintballing but with laser guns) and we are leaving home at 9.15am.

Looking forward to running faster and shorter for the rest of the year and seeing what I can do.   You can follow me daily on Strands.com:

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