"It's a treat being a runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do." - Allan Sillitoe

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling a bit smashed

Finished off a good week with 18.4km long run yesterday and a 90.2km bike ride today. The long run took my total for the week to just over 74kms which I achieved without feeling like I had over extended myself.

Today I got out early for what I had tentatively planned as an 80km bike ride out along the Freeway (South). A strong easterly was more of a cross wind than a tail wind and I picked a couple of blokes who drafted off me for about 20km. I averaged about 35km/hr although I did get up to 45-46km/hr for 2-3km when I made a concerted but unsuccessful effort to drop them. They eventually dropped off at Mundijong Road and I continued on for a bit to get myself up to 45km for a 90km round trip. (They were still stopped at Mundijong Road when I headed back).

The cross wind felt like a headwind on the way back which combined with some fatigue meant that I averaged between 25-30km/hr for a lot of the way back. All up I was out there for 3hrs 12 mins (approx an hour longer than my previous longest ride). While I didn't feel exhausted while I was riding, I felt pretty smashed when I stopped, especially after having something to eat and a shower. As a result, I had a little bit of a nanna nap this afternoon.

This coming week will be a bit of a recovery week after 3 solid weeks of building up. I will still do my intervals on Tuesday but will probably not do my tempo run on Thursday although I will most likely still do the 16km. I am planning on doing the 10km at Matilda Bay on Sunday and running hard so Saturday will only be a light run as well. Not sure what I will do about riding next weekend - I may have to give it a miss if I don't get out at all during the week. I amy try to get out for an early morning ride mid week as I am sure I will feel inspired/motivated from watching the Tour Down Under.

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trailblazer777 said...

Some monster rides there from yourself.
Not surprised you are feeling a bit smashed.
If I get my bike fixed up I will try and get out there again, not sure if I will do the Freeway Bikehike Kwinana to Joondalup 60km again this year, but its still good crosstraining. The Tour Down Under stuff sure has been cool.
All the best with cranking up the running, and maybe you should try some duathlon racing? We do have World no 3 duathlete here in Perth in Raf Baugh...
I might be going for a 10k race at the Matilda bay too.
All the best with the next few weeks,months. You should be firing on all cylinders again pretty soon...