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Friday, January 1, 2010

End of the year round up - 2009

Despite an injury affected end to the year, I still think I had a pretty successful year - setting PBs in the 10km, half marathon and marathon.  My major goal for the year was to run sub 3 hours at Boston which I achieved (just) and the other PB's were bonuses.  I think I could have lowered my 10km PB even further in the last few weeks of my marathon preparation if I hadn't got injured.

Other highlights of the year were being in teams that won the team event at the Bridges 10km ("Going to Boston" with Sugar and Sas) and placed third in the Perth Relay Marathon ("Biscuit Boys" with Sugar, Sandgroper and Niddy).  Coming 5th at the Rottnest Marathon was a highlight even though it wasn't in the time I wanted (and wasn't very enjoyable due to my ITB injury).

So, here at the end of the year I think I am on the way back.  My mileage is over 50km a week and increasing (plus 50-60km cycle ride per week as well).  Last night I ran the WAMC New Year's Eve 8km.  I had run an easy 6.4km in the morning so it was my second run for the day.  Wore my racing flats but didn't flog myself.  Just ran a steady hard effort and ran the race that I wanted to run at City Beach a few weeks ago.  Last night was very windy especially over the last 1.5km but I was pleased that I was able to maintain a good effort and felt like I found a good rhythm.  Given the wind, my splits were pretty even.  The 2km/6km mark was at a drink station so I missed my 6km split.
2km - 7.54
4km - 15.52
8km - 32.30

A positive split by 38secs which is OK into a big headwind.  Passed the 2nd placed female in the last 1km and held off a fast finishing guy as well, although I didn't know he was there until after the finish when he tried to pass me in the chute.

Sugar had a great race in the 4km - winning in 13.40 (I think).  He was flying when he went back past me near the 2km turnaround.  Sas was 3rd female in the 4km.  Not sure of her time though.

I did an 8.4km recovery run this morning.  Long run tomorrow.  Will be between 14-18km - I'll see how I feel when I get out there.

Hope everyone a had a good New Year's Eve and look forward to lots of good running and racing in 2010.

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Clown said...

Good work,great year and glad to see the progress is continuing.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2010. Some pb's are just around the corner