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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Melbourne

This finally turned up in the mail

I have definitely been easing back into things since Melbourne.  I didn't run at all for the first week after the marathon apart from some long strides on grass down at little athletics training.  Because we went through a few groups and were running 200m-400m reps, I reckon I probably got in about 3km all up but with lots of breaks between.

Since then I ran every second day in the second week, with a couple of bike rides on non running days and a rest day on Saturday.  About 45km of running made of three loops of the bridges and one run to the Narrows and back.  The Friday bridges loop of 12.5km was at a moderate effort of 4:10/km average.

The following week I ran 5 days with Wednesday (very early breakfast function) and Saturday off.  Thursday's Bridges loop was at around 4:05/km average pace and then on Friday I ran a 6km recovery run in the morning and in the evening went down to the John Gilmour 10,000m at Coker Park to pace Craig through the first 6km of the race.  With a warm up and a cool down it made for a 16km+ day.

Felt good on the track and definitely could have run the full 10km but wouldn't have got near a 10k PB and probably would have compromised my training for at least the first half of this week, so I did the sensible thing and pulled out at the 6k mark.

Craig wanted to run around 36:30 so the plan was to knock out 88sec laps.

Here are the splits from my Garmin:

1 1:21.2

2 1:23.4

3 1:25.4

4 1:26.0

5 1:25.9

6 1:24.8

7 1:26.4

8 1:27.4

9 1:27.3

10 1:27.3

11 1:27.9

12 1:28.9

13 1:28.4

14 1:28.7

15 1:29.3

So basically I got in 20 mins of quality work at quicker than tempo pace.

Craig ran 36:20 so a good night all round.

This week I have run each day with Tuesday being a quality day where I did a modified Mona fartlek of 2 x 90secs; 4 x 60secs; 8 x 30secs with equal recovery after each rep.  This was a pretty good workout as even though I felt like I was running more slowly than I should be on the float/recovery parts, I still ran as far as I did last time I ran this workout which was in the last week of marathon training before I started my taper (21 September), so on that basis, I haven't lost too much fitness over the past three weeks.  

My left hammie is a little tight so I shall have to monitor that. 

Plan is for more easy running Thursday morning and then some hill reps on Friday morning but that will be dependent on the hammie.  

Rest day Saturday as I am on starting duty at little aths and have to be there at 7:15am and then on Sunday, Sammie and I are running the 4km Freo Fun Run so hopefully that goes well.  Next Thursday I am running the 5km PwC Coolnight Classic in the evening after work and then will decide whether or not to run the WAMC Peninsula Run and if so, what distance (5km or 10km).

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