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Monday, September 26, 2011

Another week down also Fifth Avenue Mile (videos)

137km last week. Main workout was a marathon specific long run which ended up being 28.7km with 12km at marathon pace.

It was a hard run. I have done that session before but later in the program and probably not with 100km in the previous 5 days and 234 km in the previous 12 days.

Wasn’t feeling hugely motivated when I woke up in the morning but I knew I had to get it done or the guilt trip I would impose upon myself the next day after others had run the Freo Half and Simon had done Berlin would have been a major one.

Consciously made myself slow down early in the run so that I was running 4:30/km rather than 4:20/km which was the pace I was naturally slotting into.

Ran the 12km from the gazebo in Maylands to just before the big flagpole. I was initially planning to do 13km MP but settled on 12km. I definitely could have kept going for another km at that pace but didn’t want to turn and didn’t face the additional km cooldown home. Pace actually picked up thru the 12km – the second last km was a bit quicker than it says as satellite seemed to get lost under the trees near the Swan River Trust as pace jumped up to 4:10/km. Averaged 3:55/km for the 12km MP segment which is right on pace.

Earlier in the week, I did a couple medium long runs and then on Thursday I did the regular Thursday morning run with Clown out to Maylands – we tempo ran back from the Police Academy to Windan at around 3:42/km pace.

Two double days again last week - missed the second run on Sunday as I left it too late after watching the Berlin Marathon and then family life intervened.

Unfortunately, Ben's team lost their grand final although Ben had a good game. He never stopped trying 100% even when it was clear the game was lost.

With soccer season now finished, I am going to move my long run to Sunday which will alter the structure of my whole week slightly. I think it will help in getting in two medium long runs during the week and then and a bit more quality on the weekends rather than just recovering from my long run on Sunday.

Here are the videos from the 5th Avenue mile

Mens race:

Womens race:

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