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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reset and time to watch marathons

Succumbed to what I think was overtraining.  I have had blood tests and everything is normal but the combination of running like sh!t and lacking the motivation to keep pushing when I knew it wasn't improving has seen me take a bit of a break.

Two weeks of no running (a few bike rides in there though) have been followed by a comeback to running every second day for the past week and a half.  Most days I am just running up to the Narrows and back but on Sunday I went around the Bridges from home at 4:23/km pace which felt pretty good.

Not sure what I'll do from here.  I think I'll keep going at least every second day until I get my mojo back before I start anything structured or any real workouts.  It's probably pretty unlikely that I'll race again until the second half of the year.

On a good note though, we are heading into the best couple of weeks of the year with the Rotterdam, Boston and London marathons all in quick succession.  The Paris marathon is on this weekend (7 April - live on Foxtel)  but that comes in well behind the others for quality.  Not sure about TV coverage for the main three but it shouldn't be hard to find streaming on the intertubes.

14 April - Rotterdam Men's elite field: 

1.Berhanu ShiferawEthiopia2.04.48
2.Getu FelekeEthiopia2.04.50
3.Bazu WorkuKenya2.05.25
4.Wilson ChebetKenya2.05.27
5.Tilahun RegassaEthiopia2.05.27
6.Sammy KitwaraKenya2.05.54
7.Geoffrey KipsangKenya2.06.12
8.Assefa BentayehuEthiopia2.06.22
9.Augustine RonoKenya2.07.23
10.John Nzau MwangangiKenyadebut
Atsedu Tsegay (Eth, debut),
Joel Kimurer (Ken, 2.08.18)
Gidena Gebremedhin (Eth, 2.08.28)
Brett Gotcher (US, 2.10.36)
Reid Coolsaet (Can, 2.10.55)
Birhanu Melese (2.12.38)
Alebachew Debas Wale (Eth, 2.13.37)
Mike Morgan (US, 2.14.22)
Willem Van Schuerbeeck (Bel, 2.16.14)
Stijn Fincioen (Bel, 2.17.57)
Benjamin Barbier (Bel, debut)
Dieter Vanstreels (Bel, debut)
Javier Guerra (Spa, debut)
Michel Butter2.09.58
Koen Raymaekers2.10.35
Patrick Stitzinger2.15.01
Ronald Schroer2.16.19
Olfert Molenhuis2.16.20
Rens Dekkers2.17.10

Not sure if this will be free to view online and doesn't seem to be on Foxtel.

 15 April - Boston Men's elite field:

Moses Mosop, 2:03:06 (Boston, 2011), Kenya
Gebregziabher “Gebre” Gebremariam, 2:04:53 (Boston, 2011), Ethiopia
Markos Geneti, 2:04:54 (Dubai, 2012), Ethiopia
Ryan Hall, 2:04:58 (Boston, 2011), USA
Levy Matebo, 2:05:16 (Frankfurt, 2011), Kenya
Shami Abdullah Dawit, 2:05:42 (Dubai, 2012), Ethiopia
Dickson Chumba, 2:05:46 (Eindhoven, 2012), CRKenya
Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot, 2:05:52 (Boston, 2010), Kenya
Wesley Korir, 2:06:13 (Chicago, 2012), Kenya
Raji Assefa, 2:06:24 (Paris, 2012), Ethiopia
Abdihakem “Abdi” Abdirahman, 2:08:56 (Chicago, 2006), USA
Mebrahtom “Meb” Keflezighi, 2:09:08 (Houston, 2012), USA
Lee Troop, 2:09:49 (Lake Biwa, 2003), Australia                   
Jeffrey Hunt, 2:11:00 (Beppu, 2010), Australia
Jason Hartmann, 2:11:06 (Chicago, 2010), USA
Eric Gillis, 2:11:28 (Toronto, 2011), Canada
Fernando Cabada, 2:11:53 (Houston, 2012), USA
Guor Marial, 2:12:55 (San Diego, 2012), NR South Sudan
Robin Watson, 2:13:37 (Rotterdam, 2012), Canada
Micah Kogo, 59:07 (South Shields, 2012), Kenya
Lucas Rotich, 59:44 (Den Haag, 2011), Kenya


21 April - London Men's elite field

Patrick Makau (Kenya)2:03:38
Wilson Kipsang (Kenya)2:03:42
Geoffrey Mutai (Kenya)2:04:15
Ayele Abshero (Ethiopia)2:04:23
Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia)2:04:38
Emmanuel Mutai (Kenya)2:04:40
Feyisa Lilesa (Ethiopia)2:04:52
Abel Kirui (Kenya)2:05:04
Stanley Biwott (Kenya)2:05:12
Martin Lel (Kenya)2:05:15
Deressa Chimsa (Ethiopia)2:05:42
Marilson Gomes dos Santos (Brazil)2:06:34
Stephen Kiprotich (Uganda)2:07:20
Yared Asmeron (Eritrea)2:07:27
Adil Annani (Morocco)2:07:43
Marcin Chabowski (Poland)2:10:07
Bunta Kuroki (Japan)2.10.08

British runners:
Tomas Abyu2:10:37
Scott Overall2:10:55
Derek Hawkins2:14:08
Phil Wicks2:15:38
Philip Anthony2:16:40
Mathew BondDebut



Epi said...

So predictions on who will run the fastest and at which marathon?

Geoffery Mutai, London, sub 2:04.
Do you know if Buster is running one - word was he'd run Boston or London

Biscuitman said...

Weather forecast for London is good at moment - may be a bit warm. London has the strongest men's marathon field ever assembled, with the top 11 elite runners all with times under two hours and six minutes.

The three medallists from the London Olympics, plus the winners of the 2012 Berlin, Chicago, London, Frankfurt and Dubai Marathons are all present. I'll punt for Patrick Makau. I reckon they will not be mucking around at all from the very start as they don't want to let some of the (slightly) slower, more tactical runners like Abel Kirui and Stephen Kiprotich get too much of a sniff.

Forecast for Boston is mostly sunny and cool ie cold. Similar temp to the year I ran it. I think Wesley Korir may go back to back with Micah Kogo in his marathon debut a bit of a roughie.

Conditions for Rotterdam are forecast to be perfect. Not the same depth there but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the quickest of the three as it is the fastest course unless Boston gets another tailwind. I'll go for Bazu Worku but not for any particular reason.

Seen nothing about Mottram running a marathon beyond his comments after the Olympics that he was going to have a crack at one. Nothing on his Facebook.

Epi said...

I remembered after writing that he ran the 1600m at the Stawell gift - obviously not in marathon training.

That leaves Troop and Hunt at Boston.Looking forward to when Collis decides to run a Marathon (hopefully doesn't leave it too late)

Biscuitman said...

I think Birmingham DNF'ed London in 2011 (have to go back and check)