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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Melbourne marathon training - week 8

Been a little slack on the blog but ... 147km last week.

Main runs were my medium long runs on Tuesday and Thursday, a quicker session on Friday where I did a time trial between the Windan Bridge and the Causeway and then a really solid long run with Rob and Craig on Saturday.

In the time trial I took 10 secs off my time from when I last did this TT at the start of June and averaged 3:21/km (down from 3:24).  I then ran home and did 6 hill reps.  Total run was 16km so it was a pretty solid workout.

The next day I ran with Rob and Craig on the Mt Yokine course.  We did 5 loops for a total of just over 35kms.  Felt a bit tired at the start after a late night and an average sleep.

I wasn't feeling great for the first 10km and the first ascent of the hill was a bit of a struggle and I felt very tight in the lower legs.

Slowly came good though and each hill climb felt better than the previous one and on the way back to Rob's I felt better at 30km than I did at 10km.

I was a bit weary on Monday this week but was able to get through a good modified Mona fartlek on Tuesday.  I don't like the 15sec reps at the end of a Mona fartlek so changed them to 30secs.  Stuffed it up slightly and had too many so session was 22mins instead of 20mins.

Reasonably happy with the pace but would have preferred to be slightly slower on the reps and quicker on the recoveries.  I was running sub 3:20 on the reps which I think was probably as quick as I have run on this type of workout and although it makes it hard for a comparison, maintaining the effort over another 2 mins also felt good.

Perth Half Marathon this Sunday so the remainder of the week has been pretty light on.  I feel like I am in shape to have a good run so am really looking to the race where there should be a decent group looking to run sub 80mins.

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